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Many businesses seem to run on credit nowadays and over the last few years, credit has become an important factor in every aspect of your life. If you wish to get something but do not have enough cash, you can borrow credit and can easily get what you want. However, managing a credit is one of the critical factors that need careful consideration when you plan to borrow a sum of money. Or else, you will end up bearing a burden of the huge pile of credit and you don’t want this. Therefore, it is important to take the guidance of Your Personal Financial Mentor at every step of the way because he will not only help you manage your credit effectively but will also give you small tips to improve your credit scoring so that you can get an easy access to loans for future use.

Credit Versus Debit

Understanding the term Credit in finance requires that you grasp the accounting perspective of the term. And in accounting, it is difficult to understand the term Credit without reference to a sister term: Debit. In strict accounting sense, Debit is… Read More ›

Credit Rating for Corporates

Just as individuals are given credit ratings, which are taken into consideration to evaluate their credit-worthiness, corporate also have a credit score. This is applied in particular to bonds and other debt securities, rather than to the company that deals… Read More ›

What Does Credit Mean?

Your Personal Financial Mentor informs that in finance, the basic definition of credit revolves around mutual trust. Credit is defined as the trust which allows one person or party to give another party some goods or services of value, with… Read More ›