About this blog. You could be planning to invest in the real estate market, or perhaps you just want to learn something about markets or finances in general, including issues such as credit and credit scores. Well, Your Personal Financial Mentor is just the place for you. On this blog, you don’t have to be too official about anything, because your queries will be responded to in a very friendly manner. But this is not to say that we are any less professional. Everyone knows how important it is to understand economics and finance, and you need to have a reliable adviser to keep you on track.

Your Personal Financial Mentor touches on every issue related to personal finance, from investment advice to credit issues, because we are aware that these issues are core to our daily living.

Your finances actually make you who you are, and the way you deal with your personal financial issues might make or break you. It is, therefore, important that you manage your investments as best as you can. And Your Personal Financial Mentor gives you priceless advice on how to handle your finances with aplomb. Feel free to make inquiries about all matters finance, any time.

Never forget that as long as you have professional mentorship while handling your finances, it is unlikely that things will go wrong for you. And with us, you are not only guaranteed that professional mentorship, but innovative ideas as well.

Honestly, We are not a “Mr. Know-It-All,” nor do we claim to know everything concerning finance. Rather than that, we are learning. We would like this to be a platform for us to learn from each other. Anyone who wants to learn about finance is welcome to be a part of this blog.

Likewise, anyone with any disagreements about the articles and suggestions in this blog is most welcome to share their views. Our goal is not only to provide information, but to create and moderate a dialogue among investors, both new and seasoned. Feel free to ask questions or post your own experiences if you think they may a help another reader. With today’s increasingly global economy, we’re all in this together!

That’s our story. If this sounds interesting to you, we encourage you to bookmark our blog or get regular updates via RSS.

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Joris Kempen

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