Choosing the best credit card deal

We have all been victims of spam calls from credit card companies, promoting the latest and best credit card offer in town. But with everyone saying the same thing, how do we separate the wheat from the chaff? While all credit card dealers are out to make money, there are a few sharks among them that will reap the profits, eating you alive.

It is imperative that you get yourself fully informed about this field, before making a choice of the best credit card. Read through the fine print of the disclosure chart and be aware of all terms and conditions, and the hidden fees. It pays to be aware of the related terminology, but feel free to ask questions when in doubt. Never sign a form unless you know exactly what it says. The best advice is to trust no one, even if may feel embarrassing to complete your reading, with the creditor sitting in front of you, waiting to close the deal. In fact, the reliable and best credit card suppliers will encourage you to do this, rather than repenting and fighting over it later.

Many would say that the best credit card deal is one that waives off activation fees, annual fees and any other fees. For others, it is the lowest possible interest rate and highest credit limit being offered. Bear in mind that this privilege is given to persons having higher credit scores. So know your score before you start applying, to see if you qualify, since every rejected application cuts points from your score. Using freebies to promote the so-called best credit card offer will attract another class of people. But instead of rushing to sign up and claim the gift, think about whether you will really use it. How often have we thrown away unused coupons and stuffed unwanted junk into the attic?

Some credit card companies have tie-ups with retail outlets and allow you to accumulate loyalty points. Others will offer a percentage cash-back on your spend. A distinguishing feature of the best credit card packages is the guarantee of identity. This could be a photograph, or the use of a PIN to authorize a payment. Credit card fraud is on the rise, and it is wise to safeguard against such possibilities.

Your Personal Financial Mentor notes that you should to keep your card secure, stay within your credit limit and make timely payments. Having even the best credit card will not ensure you the best credit experience, unless you use the card responsibly.

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September 11, 2013 Choosing the best credit card deal