Smart Ways to Use Your Credit Card…

Do you use a credit card? Do you use it to help spread the cost of payments? Or to help build up your credit score? There’s lots of different uses for it, but the smarter you are with it, the bigger the benefits.

Credit cards have a less than reputable reputation in some circles, however as mentioned there is a range of different scenarios that can make the plastic the best choice for you

One of the biggest things that attracts people to a credit card is the fact that the cost of any purchase can be spread out over a certain time period.

Getting a 0% interest credit card usually means that you have an entire year to pay off any purchases without incurring any interest. Once the 0% has expired you’ll pay an annual percentage rate.

Cut Your Losses

If you owe cash on an existing card, then it is many people’s preferred cost reducing option to transfer it to a card charging lower interest – a balance transfer.

Cardholders who wish to move a balance in order to take advantage of 0% interest or make larger purchases often utilise this option.

Earn Perks

If you pay off your outstanding balance in full every month, then a cashback card could be a good idea. You’ll earn money every time you spend in certain retailers and then you’re given the option to use the money when you enter your pin at the checkout.

Keep Score

It doesn’t matter when or where you use your credit card, it’s about how you use it. The only way to qualify for the very best deals on the market is to keep your credit score clean.

In order to keep it clean you must pay on time, never exceed your limit and use your card wisely in order to keep everything ticking over nicely; giving you the ability to make a quick switch when a new deal becomes available.

Evie Nash is a nature nerd and fitness fanatic. She works within the financial sector helping those who have been mis-sold PPI. Her life revolves around her kids, husband and her puppy Rufus.


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August 18, 2016 Smart Ways to Use Your Credit Card…