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Have you ever considered using a credit union over a traditional bank?

Aside from offering affordable auto and personal loan rates, Public Service Credit Union provides members with all the regular services a bank offers. These services include savings/checking accounts, direct deposits, credit/ debit card applications, mortgages, and financial advice. A credit union makes it convenient for members to travel overseas, or out of state. Indeed, it is easy to have access to money from a variety of sources no matter where you are. There are literally no drawbacks to moving your financial business from a bank to a credit union.

As an authorized credit union, being a member at Public Service Credit Union has three major advantages. The first is that PSCU has no hidden fees. The second advantage is that they can offer affordable loan rates for a wide variety of big expenses (cars, homes, personal loans). The third advantage to a credit union like PSCU is that members get treated like a family. Employees get to know their members by name and truly have their best interests at heart. Fostering a family environment is easy because everyone will work with members to make the most out of their hard-earned money.

Auto Loan Rates at PSCU

PSCU has very affordable auto loan rates for its members. An employee will sit down and discuss the best option for you: whether you want a new or used car, how long you want the loan to be for, if you want a fixed or variable loan, and how much you have as a down payment are all factors to be looked at. Qualified members of Public Service Credit Union can enjoy 100% financing, and the online application process is easy and efficient. There is also no processing fee for an online application.

This is a great service for anyone looking to take out a car loan – especially when compared to the auto loans available at any one of the major banks. Credit unions take your best interests into account, and they want to help you make the most impact with your money. Affordable auto loans are one of the most popular types of loans nationally, and the available rates at Public Service Credit Union will save you money in the short and long term.

Personal Loan Rates at PSCU

Along with car loans and mortgages, personal loans are the most popular kind of loan that people seek from a bank or credit union. Public Service Credit Union offers competitive personal loans at a rate much lower than a typical payday loan company or traditional bank. These savings will make all the difference down the line because you never know when disaster might strike and you need immediate access to a large amount of money. For many people, exorbitant interest rates on personal loans make it unfeasible to even ask for a loan in the first place. They know that it will take years just to pay off the interest on the loan, so they do not even bother. Credit unions are built on a model that allows people to have access to personal loans at all times, no matter their financial situation. This is accomplished by having low-interest rates.

A good example of when a personal loan is an absolute necessity is a medical emergency. Let us imagine that someone slips on ice and breaks their wrist. An accident of this variety can happen to anyone, no matter their age or physical health. The cost of paying for surgery and treatment will presumably be more than the average person can afford. Taking out a personal loan from a credit union is probably the only way to finance the treatment that is urgently needed. While a bank will demand a variety of different security requirements and take a long time considering your situation, securing a loan from Public Service Credit Union will be easy and quick. The employees of the credit union will understand your situation and do what is required to secure a loan for you. It is this kind of immediate and empathetic service that makes credit unions feel like one large family – and in a way, they are. Members of a credit union support each other in the collective attempt to live an affordable life.

Other Services Offered by PSCU

Public Service Credit Union is committed to making banking more familiar and accessible to everyone. As a member-owned credit union, everyone who saves their money with the PSCU will have a stake in its operational procedures and feel a part of a growing movement. Aside from avoiding hidden fees and getting access to affordable loans, the ambiance of the PSCU will make it clear that everyone there is committed to making your money work for you.

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January 19, 2017 About Public Service Credit Union