Believe It or Not – Your Credit Report Can Affect the Type of Job You Qualify For

Years ago, before the dawn of widespread IT, it was possible to get a job based on your educational and work related references. Today, those requirements are only a part of what many employers look at when interviewing candidates for a job, and with more applicants than jobs available in many fields, this can create a bit of a problem.

While there is a shortage of personnel across the board in healthcare, one thing that may make a huge impact on whether or not you land that job in administration is your credit score. Having a graduate degree from a leading university is a good place to start, but equally important to a position in administration is your credit score/history. Here are a few reasons why.

First a Few Words on Your Modified Credit Report

Before you ask whether or not a prospective employer can legally request your credit report, the answer to that is a bit ambiguous, being that it’s yes and no. No, a company interviewing you for a job cannot request a credit score and history in the same way that a prospective creditor can, but if you give them permission they can request a modified credit report.

This report will be somewhat modified from the kind of report creditors get, but there is enough information to clue them in as to whether or not you handle finances well. What is lacking on this type of modified report? Your credit score, for one thing.

Jobs Where You Should Have an Impeccable Credit Report

Just having that MSHA degree doesn’t automatically qualify you for a job in healthcare administration with a six figure MSHA salary. Bearing in mind that you would be applying for a job in healthcare administration with a master’s in healthcare management, you must understand that as an administrator a good bit of your responsibilities will entail setting and maintaining a budget.

Also, be aware of the fact that healthcare is in crisis and many hospitals and healthcare facilities are already running in the red. Do you think they are interested in hiring someone who can’t even manage their own finances, but will be asked to manage an institution’s finances that are much, much more complex? Probably not! With budgets being cut by the day and administrators being asked to operate within such a stringent budget, the board of directors is going to seek a professional who shows they know how to handle money.

Here Is Your Takeaway

Here is what you need to know about your credit report and how it impacts your desirability as a job candidate. If you are simply applying for a blue collar position, chances are an employer won’t bother asking you to sign a release. However, the higher up a corporate ladder you are striving to reach, the more important your personal finances become. If you are working on an online masters healthcare administration, then it is best to get your own house in order before trying to organize another.


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January 4, 2017 Believe It or Not – Your Credit Report Can Affect the Type of Job You Qualify For