Important Considerations for a Boat Owner


Buying a boat is an exciting undertaking for any sailing enthusiast. One of the most appealing parts about owning a boat is outfitting it in a way that will make every sailing trip a pleasurable experience. Besides the basic equipment, a new boat owner may purchase a lounge or fishing seat, tables, pillows and a horn. One of the more practical items that an owner must purchase is boat insurance. Fortunately, there are several ways that a person can save on this particular purchase.

Safety Equipment

A boat owner with plenty of safety equipment may end up with a lower insurance rate than a boater without the proper equipment. Some examples of safety equipment include a high water alarm and a couple of bilge pumps. These things can help an owner to avoid the loss of a boat and/or serious damage to the watercraft. 

An Educated Boat Owner

A new boat owner would be wise to take classes on how to operate a boat. The person may know a little bit about it, but it’s beneficial to receive training from an experienced instructor. Also, a boat owner should learn all of the safety regulations related to the operation of a boat. It stands to reason that an owner with training and experience will be better able to operate a boat in a safe manner. Be sure to mention all of your training to your insurance agent.

Get a Newer Boat

A person may be able to get a low rate of insurance by purchasing a late model boat. A boat that is just a few years old will likely have all of the latest safety equipment and a design that makes it a safer option than an older boat. In short, a newer boat is not as likely to have as many issues as an older boat with outdated equipment. Of course, it’s possible to update the equipment of an older boat. This may contribute to lower insurance rates on an older boat.

Maintain a Clean Driving Record

Finally, a boat owner can obtain low insurance rates by driving the boat in a safe manner. For instance, the person should certainly avoid drinking alcohol and driving the boat. Also, the owner should make sure all of his or her passengers are obeying safety rules. These are just two ways to garner low insurance rates.


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July 14, 2014 Important Considerations for a Boat Owner