Important Ways for a Better Credit

There is no doubt that our credit speaks volumes about us and if your credit score is not appealing, then it is time to take charge and to get hold of the situation. Cleaning up your credit score is challenging and time-consuming but it is an absolutely inevitable step towards a better living with a higher level of dignity.

Bankruptcy can never be an answer to your credit problem, unless it is totally unavoidable. Even before the ‘B-word’ crosses your mind, always remember that bankruptcy will follow you for ten years even after you have solved the problem. Many a times, people file for bankruptcies just to settle the problem temporarily but they are unaware that the black mark of bankruptcy will keep on following you for the next ten years and there is no way to get rid of it until the dedicated time period is over.

Having a good report has become an extremely important factor in this economy and for this purpose; you need to make sure that your bills are paid on time. If you feel you forget about your bills most of the time, make sure that you keep a time-table about your monthly bills so that you will not forget about them. Late bills are an important criterion that banks and financial companies closely monitor while checking out loan applications of prospective borrowers.

One important thing that you can do in order to create an excellent credit rating is to not to go for unnecessary credit cards. For every credit line that you open, your credit score takes a downward dip. Always make sure that you have no more than two credit cards which are more than enough to cover your daily expenses. In fact, for a regular working person, a single credit card is more than sufficient for your purchases. Also, make sure that you stay away from credit repair agencies. Most of them are fraudulent and it is important to understand that they can do nothing to make your credit score better except by robbing you of some money. Avoid wastage of your hard-earned money by not getting involved with such people or agencies. Also, if you are going for a debt settlement procedure, make sure that you learn all about the procedure and how the process is going to affect your credit score.

All in all, your credit is quite important in this economy and by adopting the right steps; you can take your credit score in a positive direction. You can also seek guidance of Your Personal Financial Mentor to help you improve your credit score and manage your financial expenses efficiently.


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December 22, 2013 Important Ways for a Better Credit