3 Digital Marketing Tips To Land More Finance Clients

As a finance expert, digital marketing is one of the best places for you to find and attract more clients. Not only is everyone looking for advice on how to start saving money, but they also want information they can share with their friends. By generating digital content your clients find valuable enough to share with others, you can establish an online community that appeals to a wider audience, builds on your brand, and converts into business.

Get Active On Social

While your personal finance company is most likely already on social, there’s a big difference between being on a medium versus actually engaging with your audience. A big part of social media is posting frequently and knowing how and when to write back to your general audience. Even though you’re dealing with finance, it doesn’t mean you can’t deliver insightful comment on a variety of mediums.

A big part of your social media posts will be driven by not only what you’re writing about with your blog (more on this later) but additional content specifically for each source. For example, as noted by Pew Research, with 35 percent of adults currently on Instagram, this could be a great place to have a 6-piece carousel that’s on “5 Tips For Saving Up To That Summer Vacation” or something to the like. Posts like this can be converted to stories for SnapChat and Facebook, giving you a well-rounded approach to your marketing efforts. Which, your next steps should be how to deliver consistently.

Although it might sound obvious, creating a calendar is a solid first step to keeping yourself organized on your posts. Not only will this give you a bird’s eye view of the variety of content you can produce, but additionally being able to study what works and what doesn’t. Additionally, this will help you hone in on what hashtags to use and how you can improve your content overall. All-in-all, getting in the habit of being consistent with this stuff will be difficult at first, but can be well worth the effort moving forward, as it will start to grow you a solid audience for your personal finance advice.

Give Insightful Content

One of the most important aspects of any industry that involves consultation, content marketing is an excellent strategy to utilize in drawing in more of an audience. In fact, as noted by the Content Marketing Institute, content gives three times as many leads while costing 62 percent less than traditional outbound approaches. And if you’re looking to land numbers like that, then not only being insightful, but consistent will be key.

A big part of content marketing is coming up with materials that will make others want to start gravitating towards your page. This includes having such a well-respected, forward-thinking approach to a subject matter and producing practical content that’s consistent and high-quality. For example, Brian Magierski has an audience for his posts simply because he’s a serial entrepreneur who is at the forefront of the blockchain industry. While it might take some time for your personal finance content to reach a status like that, start by trying to incorporate the trends you see and anticipate how others might be affected. Who knows? Some of your work might go viral.

Don’t Forget About Email

Finally, as you round out your digital marketing mix, becoming consistent with email marketing will help you gain a larger audience. As this is content you can mainly source from your blog, the trick here is to find items that you can deliver concisely. After all, as noted by Campaign Monitor, with 53 percent of emails being opened on mobile, it goes without saying that while people read email, they also expect their content to be concise. And if this is something new for you, then learning the ropes will be crucial.

Start out by looking into some email management programs like MailChimp or Constant Contact. Additionally, try to find a template that works with your content style and marketing mix, highlighting important aspects of your brand. A useful piece here is to focus on visuals, which are some of the best ways to get concise information across. Overall, with the right strategy in place, email marketing will not only help you reach more fans but also get you a great return on investment, picking up new clients in no time.

What are you most excited about when it comes to launching a new digital marketing strategy for your finance business? Let us know what you’re looking forward to in the comments.

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April 18, 2018 3 Digital Marketing Tips To Land More Finance Clients