4 Tips For Forming A Better Online Presence For Your Brand

Every company wants a better presence online. Whether that means more followers on social media, a higher number of hits towards your blog, or even creating better content, it can be tough to garner the traction. However, don’t be embarrassed if you find yourself in the same category, as there might be some minor things you’re overlooking, which is why I’ve compiled a  few helpful tips below:

Learn Some Branding Principles

A significant part of building a better online presence is developing a brand that people are willing to gravitate towards. For a lot of companies, this is a commonly overlooked aspect of what could be bringing them a stronger customer base. As social media is all about your following, those who are willing not only to see what you’re up to but engage with too will be who eventually becomes your customer. However, first, that comes with forming an image that they’re willing to gravitate towards.

The core of your branding comes from the central mission in how you’re trying to change the world. Even if you’re a hot dog stand, ask yourself what type of experience you’re looking to offer that might make other people’s day a little bit better. Being able to convey these principles online and genuinely mean it via your voice will be a crucial aspect of building trust.

Start Creating Captivating Content 

Another critical factor in forming a better online presence is creating captivating content. This isn’t necessarily about writing, but the photography and videography you’re able to capture as well. According to SnapApp, the average reader only spends approximately 37 seconds reading an article or blog post, which is why providing visuals can hold much better retention. Plus, a balanced mix is going to be great for social and other mediums, giving you the best options for promotion.

Taking your brand principles, list out a few different core concepts that you could create content around. Try to be reliant on what you can do solely for yourself at first, as your initial goal should be consistency. It’s okay to try and seek out some stock photos or perhaps hire a designer for a one-off gig, make sure that it’s tasteful and within the confines of your brand. Eventually, the goal should be to graduate along to producing your material as much as you can, giving you the best chances of staying relevant.

Become More Engaged On Social 

As one of the primary hubs for us to connect with our customers and fans, becoming more engaged in social media is an excellent strategy for increasing your online presence. If you’re not familiar, engagement is a metric that is defined by the number of comments or likes you receive on your posts. A significant portion of building engagement is by first finding your primary audience, which can take quite a bit to nail down.

One of the first steps you should consider in compiling your audience is first looking where your brand is most successful versus where its demographics lie. For example, as noted by Hootsuite, 80 percent of Instagram users follow at least one business on social media. As a platform popular amongst Millennials and Gen-Z, Instagram a place you should look for targeting with tags. The goal here is to find an audience that will comment and respond back with you, generating more traffic towards your page long-term, as well as more fans.

Get Going On SEO 

Finally, as one of the most important digital marketing techniques out, SEO can help tremendously in getting more of an audience towards your page. According to Junto Digital, 93 percent of online experiences begin with search. As our phones are the first thing we pull out when we want to look something up, it makes sense that this is a primary channel for discovery. Which, if SEO hasn’t been a focus for you, then it might be wise to take a glance at how you can up your search game.

Start brainstorming on what type of terms people might be using to discover your business. For example, if I’m one of the first restaurants in town that serves the Impossible burger, then owning “impossible+burger+(name of city)” wouldn’t be smart to hold early. The more intricate you can make your search terms, the better off you’ll be in honing in on a new audience. Try running some A/B tests on which items might be working best for you, as this is one practice once you get down, the results speak for themselves.

What are some ways you’ve found useful in forming a better online presence? Comment with your answers below!

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June 27, 2018 4 Tips For Forming A Better Online Presence For Your Brand