They Thought He Was Mad to Waste His Money on Lotteries

Despite the biggest countries of the world having their own lotteries, there are still many people out there who think lotteries are fake. Powerball and MegaMillions are the biggest lotteries of the US. In a similar fashion, European countries have EuroJackpot and EuroMillions. Australia has OZ Lotto, Tattslotto and many others that turn people into millionaires every week. However, some people like to believe that lotteries are not real. Today, you will read the story of a man whose colleagues always thought he was crazy to spend money on lottery tickets. Let’s hear his story from him.

I Was the Underdog in My Company

My honesty has done more harm to me than good. In everything that I did, my honesty turned people hostile towards me. The case was no different in my office where all my colleagues hated me for my honesty. If they did something that harmed the company, I would tell the boss about it. If I worked diligently to finish my tasks in time, they would hate me for doing that. It was this jealousy that made them hate everything about me. They would not let any opportunity of insulting me go, and opposing everything I did was a norm for them.

Whenever there were talks of promotions, our boss would take the feedback from all the employees about each other. He always wanted to promote people who were great team players. According to the feedback he received about me, I was not a good team player. As a result, my promotions were always on halt. In a way, my boss knew what was going on. However, he did not want to offend “everyone” in the office for one person. It hurt me inside that I could not give my family what they deserved only because I was an honest employee.

My Lottery Ticket Made Me a Laughing Stock Too

So, getting the stares and hatred from my colleagues was one thing. But things got worse when I started buying lottery tickets. That’s when I became the most hated person as well as a laughing stock in my workplace. My wife always asked me to quit the job because I used to share everything with her. However, I always convinced her otherwise because I knew that I was going to get rewarded for my work one day. Yes, the laughter and unnecessary bantering from my colleagues was always a torture. However, Lebanese Lotto was my savior in a way.

I would go on Lebanese Lotto website and read the winner stories there. I forgot all my pains after reading the winner stories. Moreover, these stories filled me with more confidence and hope that I was going to win one day. Days kept passing but the treatment from my colleagues had not changed a bit. It was like a hobby for them. When they had nothing to do, they would discuss me and laugh.

My Life Took the Right Turn

And then one day, my life took the right turn. It had been walking on the bumpy roads for quite some time. This time, however, it took the highway to the treasure. I went home, checked my ticket against the drawn results, and I dropped the ticket from my hand. All of a sudden, everything went quiet and I could hear my heartbeat. I stood there like a statue with my phone in one hand and a ticket that was on the floor now. My wife came running to me. I just signaled her to pick the ticket from the floor. Once she did, I turned the phone’s screen to her.

She started shouting louder than a train horn. She was jumping in the air and I kept trying to stop her. I thought she was going to hit the ceiling fan looking at how high she was jumping. I hugged her tight at this point. We couldn’t suppress our happiness and started jumping together like footballers do after scoring a goal. After 10 minutes of exercise, we fell into the couch. She looked at me and said, “So, do you want me to write your resignation?” I shook my head to say no. I told her I was going to do it myself. Of course, I did not want to quit my job just like that because my boss had never been rude with me.

The Most Beautiful Day of My Career

Next day, I walk into the office with a big cake in my arms. Everyone was looking at me in utter confusion. They did not know what was going on. I put the cake on the table, cut it into equal pieces with a knife myself, and started passing them on to my colleagues one by one. I told them to enjoy the cake while I was going to have a chat with my boss. I went into my boss’ office. Handed over a piece of cake to him and told him what had happened. He was happy for me. I asked him if I had the permission to quit the job immediately. I also told him that I was happy to serve a one month notice.

My boss was generous enough to let me go immediately. The words he said to me were, “I think I might be the only person in this office who you don’t dislike. I don’t want to change that by holding you and forcing you to work for another month.” I smiled at that, shook his hand, and walked out of the office. I stood in the middle of the floor, got everyone’s attention, and announced, “If it had not been for you guys, this moment would not be as sweet as it is for me right now. I thank you all for your company and for creating the conditions in my life that caused me to become a millionaire today.”

The Lesson to Learn

The story of this lottery winner has taught a very unique lesson to anyone who reads it. It is not about buying lottery tickets out of someone’s hate. It is about not losing hope despite the hardships in one’s life. Life does not treat everyone equally. Some people live easy lives whereas others have to face the tough days. However, the size of your reward depends on the amount of patience, persistence, and perseverance you have in you. When you lose hope, you relinquish the path that leads to your change of fortune. Therefore, let hope be your lifetime partner in every journey you start and every path you pick.

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November 23, 2018 They Thought He Was Mad to Waste His Money on Lotteries