Top 5 Tips For Advancing Your Digital Music Career

Regardless of where you currently are in your digital music career, it’s important for you to realize that simply creating memorable and original music will not be enough to make you successful.

Treat your digital music career like a business, and just like any business, your success is determined by your ability to market yourself just as much as your ability to create a high quality product.

Here are the top five tips you should use for advancing your digital music career:

  1. Write A Plan

 The first and biggest piece of advice you can receive for advancing your digital music career is to have a plan and write it down.

Actually writing down your plan on paper or typing it in a computer will keep you organized and clear about the direction you need to take. Write down each goal you have for your music career, the date you want to achieve that goal, and the steps you will take to achieve it.

  1. Don’t Stop Creating Music

 Of course, you can’t stop creating music. Work every day at perfecting your craft. Consistency is the key to becoming a master at anything. At minimum, you should be spending at least one hour a day working on your digital music. There an abundance of online resources and companies, such as Cymatics for example, to help guide you along.

  1. Begin Networking Now

 Remember, it’s not about what you know, but who you know. You need to begin networking now to find other successful people in the digital music business. Networking doesn’t mean that you just call or e-mail them.

It means that you go out and meet them in person. This is the best way to forge connections, business relationships, and perhaps even friendships. Share your passion and your talent with them, and you’ll get your foot in the door.

  1. Become A Salesman (or Saleswoman)

 As a music professional, you are also by default a salesperson. This may not have been what you thought you had signed up for when you got into digital music, but it’s important for you to recognize this fact.

In order to sustain yourself as a music artist, you need to be paid for your time and the music you create, and the only way you will be paid is if you go out and sell yourself to whoever might be willing to pay you.

  1. Be As Professional As Possible

 Work on becoming as professional as you can be in all areas of your life: from practicing good etiquette at meals to learning how to professionally write business inquiries and emails to becoming a good conversationalist in person and over the phone to dressing professionally and so on. Nothing will communicate more to someone than how you act and how you look.

Advancing Your Career In Digital Music

At the end of the day, advancing your digital music career is no different than someone advancing their career in any other line of business: you have to prove your value to other people. This means create great music and show that music to others through networking and professional communication.





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October 24, 2017 Top 5 Tips For Advancing Your Digital Music Career