Catch Up Quickly: 5 Steps to Follow if You’ve Fallen Behind at School

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Falling behind at school? Don’t worry – it’s not too late to turn it around. There’s a lot to be done to get you back on track, get better grades, and regain control of your education. Here are five steps to follow if you’ve fallen behind at school: 

  1. Work Out Why You Fell Behind

Did you skip a few of your private online tutoring sessions? Have you struggled to stay organized? Is the course content harder than you expected? Have you fallen into bad habits? 

You must be honest about why you have fallen behind at school before anything can change for the better. This won’t necessarily be easy, and there may be several contributing factors to consider. However, the sooner you are brutally honest and acknowledge why you are where you are, the sooner you can take positive steps to get things back on track. 

  1. Lay It All Out

Now that you have been brave enough to understand why you are behind, it is time to assess the damage. Whether you lay everything out on paper or your laptop, getting it out of your head and into the real world will help you to see the situation exactly how it is. 

Take the time to assess your weakest subjects and the areas of improvement that are the most urgent. Then, continue with the steps below. 

As an extra tip, speak to your professors to get additional information about what you need to do to catch up. Some may offer you the chance to do extra assignments or recommend extracurriculars that could pick up your grades – having that information before the next step will be beneficial. 

  1. Get a Schedule in Place 

The perfect daily schedule is different for every person, but there will be an ideal schedule for your needs. Regardless of the specific details, your study plan must include adequate breaks, time slots for work on different subjects, and enough time to prioritize classes that need extra attention. 

Be realistic with your schedule, and understand that it could reveal certain subjects you need to drop. As scary as this may sound, it’s a useful and necessary step to get you back on track. A workable schedule is essential, but it needs to be just that – workable. 

  1. Seek Appropriate Support

Now that you have all the information you need to move ahead with your new schedule, you’re ready to go. First, however, you will need appropriate support to keep yourself on track. Your support can come from the school guidance counselor, different tutors, friends, external teachers, or therapists – the more scaffolding you can give yourself during this rebuilding period, the better. 

  1. Take Care Of Yourself

A third of US college students suffer from significant anxiety and depression, and you mustn’t become part of that statistic as you strive to regain control of your schoolwork. Do attend doctor’s appointments, stay social, get lots of sleep, and take time out for yourself. It’s okay to have an afternoon watching movies or a Sunday at the beach with no other plans. Your brain and body need a break to do well at school, so be sure to schedule those ‘do nothing days’ for the good of your future. 

Get Back to Banging Out Brilliant Grades

The tips above can help you get your school grades back on track. With honesty, dedication, and plenty of support and self-love, you can reach your potential, improve your prospects, and start feeling in control again.

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October 15, 2022 Catch Up Quickly: 5 Steps to Follow if You’ve Fallen Behind at School