Using AI To Help Keep Your Financial Data Protected

Cybersecurity requires constant monitoring regardless of the size of your organization. Most organizations take physical security precautions seriously and should equally be concerned about digital security. Cybercriminals will constantly try multiple methods to snatch highly sensitive data from networks, especially financial data.

To combat these types of attacks employees and systems must identify any holes in cybersecurity systems. A few common ways these access points are created are by weak passwords, missing encryption, and misconfigured systems. Phishing and malware are also popular methods for accessing your financial data. Untrained employees may mistake an email or website for being real, but instead, hand off their credentials to a cybercriminal. Once hackers are on the other side they will try to access your personal identifiable information along with financial data.

Using AI to Safeguard Your Data

Cybercrime may always be there, but there are several ways to protect your organization from being compromised. With artificial intelligence, you can gain 24/7 security that learns and adjusts along with new cyberattacks without faltering. AI utilizes machine learning to improve your cybersecurity systems through experience. For instance, AI can identify potential phishing emails and remove them before the employee even sees the email in their inbox. AI cybersecurity programs can also test regular weaknesses and alarm you before a cybercriminal discovers them. AI solutions can also identify issues with the authentication and application of users.

Even though you can’t see the risk, your data is under almost constant threat. Having a strong traditional cybersecurity system along with AI is the best way to prevent becoming a victim. Keep in mind that training your employees to look out for these threats is also important. If you are interested in learning more about how artificial intelligence can help keep your data safe, consult the infographic below. It provides a few more advantages of AI as well as discusses general ways to reduce the risk of your financial data.

Infographic created by Donnelley Financial Solutions, a global fintech company

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June 29, 2021 Using AI To Help Keep Your Financial Data Protected