3 Degree Types That Will Prepare You to Become a Better Entrepreneur

Preparing to become an entrepreneur isn’t something you can follow a template for, as each business experience presents unique challenges. However, there are some fields of study and degrees that will certainly give you a well-equipped start, as well as the credentials to prove to investors that you’re worth their time and money. If your primary goal is to become an entrepreneur rather than pursue a static career path in an established industry, consider pursuing the following three kinds of degrees to increase your chances of making that happen:

1. Business Administration and Management

First and foremost, you need to know how to run a business professionally, and you need a degree that proves you have this knowledge. Thus, consider starting out with one of the many online MBA programs out there. Attending a school that is an accredited member of the Association of Advanced Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) will ensure that your degree is taken seriously in all circles. A great example is the AACSB online MBA program at Northeastern University, which is ranked as one of the top 5 programs in the country.

2. English or Writing

Being able to write and deliver a message effectively and professionally is very important when you’re dealing with prospective clients and investors, many of whom will go through your proposals and letters with a fine-toothed comb searching for any sign that you might be even slightly incompetent. Having a bachelor’s degree in English, becoming an English major, or earning a degree in creative writing or technical writing should give you a solid foundation to start with. Plus, having a firm grasp on the English language and an extensive vocabulary will make you a better communicator and speaker, both of which are traits that every aspiring entrepreneur should work towards.

3. Accounting or Finance

Next, you’ll need to be great at managing money and understanding all the legalities and technicalities in business banking and financing. Being a proficient accountant will provide several key advantages when you start launching businesses. Having this skill set alone gives you the potential to become an accountant for a living or as an additional stream of revenue. Plus, you won’t have to come out of pocket to pay an in-house accountant because you’ll be able to do it yourself. Developing a collegiate level mindset about money is imperative for any self-respecting entrepreneur.

Using the Above Degrees as Backup Cards

In the off chance that none of your entrepreneurial efforts pay off even after earning all of the degrees mentioned above, you can always use your specialized expertise to find jobs in any of the fields you’re now an expert in. For example, your online MBA degree alone can be useful to have on your resume when applying for a job as a retail manager, and people with computer science degrees can easily make $50-$80 per hour in a number of different positions. Thus, you really can’t go wrong career-wise by starting with the 3 degrees listed above.

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July 28, 2016 3 Degree Types That Will Prepare You to Become a Better Entrepreneur