3 Reasons To Use Sales Motivational Speakers To Pump Up Your Sales Team

Sales are the lifeblood of every business; without them you will not generate an income and be unable to produce your products. Indeed; without sales you will have no need for your staff or any aspect of your business.

Of course, the modern marketplace is global and extremely competitive. This means that sales generally need to be built slowly. It is, therefore, worth looking at any method which will improve the morale and ability of your sales team to generate sales; speakers for kick-off conferences is a great way to achieve this goal.

What is a Motivational Speaker?

Kick-off speakers are often referred to as motivational speakers; they are someone who knows your industry and your current processes. They can motivate your staff to gain better results by reviewing processes, engaging your staff and generating solutions to issues. You can hire motivational speakers, or even inspirational speakers from a variety of reputable firms.

As a result your staff feels more in control and motivated to achieve the best possible results. A good example is when your sales team need to communicate with the head office regarding potential bulk order discounts. By creating a structure that allows them to set these discounts themselves you will empower them and encourage them to increase sales.

The 3 Reasons Why Motivational Speakers Can Pump Up Your Sales Team

  1. Positive Encouragement

The right motivational speaker will recognize when your sales team have got themselves stuck in a rut. There may be a general inability to close sales deals, or a fear of the competition.

Whatever the issue is the motivational speaker will help your team to work out the issue and how to resolve it. Their attitude and subsequent results will be instantly transformed!

  1. New Approaches & techniques

A motivational speaker should have a good understanding of your industry and how your individual processes work. As such they will also be aware of what new software or apps are available to make life easier for your sales team.

They can even identify techniques which are an issue to the sales team; such as cold calling; and work out how they can do this better.  The added bonus of this approach is that your sales team is in charge of their own solution.

  1. Customer Service

Sales teams are often very good at attracting business but not very good at looking after them. A motivational speaker can help them to appreciate the importance of looking after a customer. Repeat business is good for the company and much easier to sell too.

A good motivational speaker will dramatically improve the sales teams attitude to customer service and increase repeat business; something which is good news for all businesses.


It is important to note that the best motivational speakers can have an extremely positive effect on the morale of your sales team and leave them hungry for success. The results will speak for themselves.

However, the key word is ‘good’ or ‘excellent’. You must ensure you find the right speaker for your team; or you will simply be wasting your time and funds.

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September 28, 2017 3 Reasons To Use Sales Motivational Speakers To Pump Up Your Sales Team