4 Ways to Save On Your Vape Purchase

Lately, it is becoming increasingly difficult not to spot someone around you using a vaporizer. Whether you are about to quit smoking or trying new ways of doing it, these incredible devices are here to stay as their demand has skyrocketed. Although it may be discouraging to select the best model that fits your needs, this article is going to assist you in making an informed decision that will not only save you money in the future but also provide you with a high quality and durable model. Though many brands operate in this market, few of them are worth their money, and we are going to help you identify them. The whole selection process becomes pretty straightforward as soon as you understand how much money you are willing to spend as well as what are those features that you cannot live without.
Portable or desktop model?
As every serious buyer knows, avoiding the cheapest models is the easiest way to save money since they will last you longer and will function better. There are two main vape types to choose from, portable and desktop ones. Most vapes can be used with either concentrate like oils and waxes or with flowers such as dry herbs. However, there are mobile units that take advantage of both of them. Flowers are usually the lightest way to go since they feature low THC concentration as opposed to concentrates. While they tend to be pricier than the concentrate ones they are more user-friendly and attract more smokers. I recommend you go with a durable device where you should expect a cost of up to $300. Typically, as you approach the $300 range vapes include more warranty options and will last you for a lifetime without breaking or malfunctioning. Also, if you are a regular smoker, you might have to steer clear from portable vapes and consider purchasing a desktop one since they are sturdier and even more durable than the compact models.

Find the right features and flavors
Another aspect that has to play a huge role in your purchasing decision is the vape’s features. For example, while the majority of vape flavors consist of the same four basic elements – Vegetable Glycerin, Nicotine, Propylene Glycol and Flavoring, the real quality difference stands in the flavoring. Choosing the right flavor is a matter of preference as well as quality. Premium juice flavors taste better and consist of better ingredients than their cheaper counterparts. As soon as you taste a premium flavor, you will never want to go back to a cheaper option. Also, you have to consider what tanks and coils will your device use. Typically low-quality devices include a tank that you can fill with a flavor and smoke until it dries down. However, if you select a more durable and lasting option, you can purchase a vaporizer that features a rebuild-able cartomizer. While its main drawback lies in the fact that you have to add your own coils, there is a notable difference in quality, durability, and enjoyment.

Know more about battery and power options
Battery wise, you get what you pay for. If you select a rebuild-able unit, you have to support it with more power, which translates to a heavier, larger and more expensive battery unit. Go with a quality battery option and pair it with something that will hold it and connect it with the top part of the vape. Last but not least, you have to buy a reliable battery charger to allow smooth and effortless charging. While all these extras will cost you, your final device will be extremely durable and enjoyable.
Find a reliable source of vape review
A common part of the selection process that most people overlook is scanning the web for the most detailed and objective reviews. While there are countless of reviews sites, few of them offer descriptive and high-quality reviews. This kind of analysis has to include all the necessary specs that a vaporizer features, as well as what items, are included in the packaging. An overview of how a model works that includes its pricing is also critical. Last but not least, a reliable resource such as IEC has to feature a rating system to enable you to compare various models quickly without having to analyze all of their features separately.

To conclude, it doesn’t matter which device you are going to buy as long as it features quality characteristics. After all, no one wants to mess with his health by buying a cheap vaporizer.

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May 2, 2016 4 Ways to Save On Your Vape Purchase