5 High Paying College Degrees That Are Guaranteed to Get You a Job

In this day and age, many people are wondering if a college education from the University of Arizona and other universities is still worth it. The cost of education is continually rising while the chances of getting a good paying job are not increasing accordingly. However, there are still programs out there with great job opportunities that many people seem to overlook for some reason. Here are five high paying degrees that are guaranteed to get you a job once you leave college.

1. Information Technology

Computers and computer software are an integral part of every business sector. So it’s not surprising that information technology (IT) is one of the most popular college degrees in the world.

The average yearly pay of a web applications developer stands at USD 80,000 while that of an IT manager is USD 107,000. A business intelligence specialist earns the highest salary at USD 110,000.

2. Marketing

Trading in goods and services has always been part of human society, and it will always be. People need to buy what they cannot make or do themselves, and a marketer is always there to make sure that he or she influences their decision to buy.

It is no wonder that marketing is a profitable career to be in. For instance, product or brand managers can earn up to USD 90,000 a year. Marketing managers and public relation managers follow close behind at USD 86,000 each.

3. Human Resource

A successful corporation must properly manage its workforce. Employees must not only be hired and fired; they must also be kept happy and productive. This necessary task is the responsibility of the human resource (HR) department.

Since no company can function without an HR department, pursuing a course in HR is a guarantee of a well-paying job. Compensation and benefits managers earn the most at USD 95,000 annually. HR managers and recruiting managers come in second at just under USD 90,000.

4. Engineering

Engineers are the backbone of the industrial sector. They design and enable the construction of everything from roads, bridges, buildings, cars, planes, computers and much more. Although engineering courses are generally tough and require excellent problem-solving skills, the salaries they attract make the struggle a worthwhile investment.

For example, an electrical engineering supervisor takes home a total of USD 92,000 at the end of the year. A mechanical and chemical engineer, on the other hand, pockets USD 71,000 and USD 75,000 respectively.

5. Public Health

The health and safety of the public must always be safeguarded and maintained. To do so, health and medical services must be managed, systems to prevent injuries and illnesses developed, the quality of manufactured goods tested, and workplaces inspected for adherence to health and safety standards.

There is never a shortage of work for public health specialists and pursuing a degree or masters in public health online is a good idea. Medical and health services managers are paid USD 88,580 per year while health and safety engineers earn USD 76,830. Chemical and material scientists, on the hand, pocket USD 73,000.

Investing in a master of public health degree or similar is indeed worth it, but only if caution is taken to pursue a course that will pay well after graduation.

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October 25, 2016 5 High Paying College Degrees That Are Guaranteed to Get You a Job