5 Quick Tips For Improving Your Financial Reputation

You have your profession, and your professional reputation. You have your personal life, and your personal reputation. And you know that depending on what you do, either professionally or personally, and how those actions are viewed, each reputation is going to change with those values.

And the same thing can be said about finances and financial reputation. How do you want to be viewed in terms of your relationship with money? Do people currently thing that you’re good with cash, or you’re someone who can’t be trusted? And if you don’t like your answer, or want to improve, consider these five tips below.

Make Your Environment Look the Part

Money attracts money, so if your environment looks clean and modern, the people you’re around will view you more highly. For instance, in terms of landscaping, make sure the area surrounding your office is well maintained and decorated with shade trees. There are few things worse than a dirty or unkempt business environment for giving people a negative view of your financial acumen.

Use Subtle Clothing Symbols

A lot of financial reputation is going to be built up around your appearance. One way to spot people who are trying to make up for poor financial situations is to look for the ones who are overdoing with gaudy or overly distracting displays of wealth. On the other hand, if you wear just the right symbol of financial security, like having a high-end luxury watch, then you subtly will be appreciated by more knowledgeable people. Financial reputation is not so much about what you have on you, but rather what else you have access to.

Get Your Credit Score Up

If you have a bad credit rating and someone important finds out, that could really ruin you chances to have a good financial reputation. So, ideally, as so as you start developing credit, even in your teenage years, keep that credit score up. It’s really hard to fight back against a bad score as an adult, so leveling it early in life definitely works to your advantage.

Buy Dinners In Advance

One interesting a specific way to work on your financial reputation, especially among friends, is to do something like buy a dinner in advance. You can visit a restaurant early on, give them your payment information, get reservations all set, and then your companions will be shocked that the money was taken care of in advance as well.

Learn To Use the Language

And finally, just like making your way up the ranks in any industry or category, the better you know how to use the language, the better you’re going to look in terms of your financial value. For some people, this means reading more business books, while others find movies or videos on various concepts.


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January 31, 2016 5 Quick Tips For Improving Your Financial Reputation