5 Ways To Impress People with Financially-Centered Attitudes

There are different ways for every person to approach their personal relationship with money and finances. But, where the riddle gets a little bit deeper is when you have to work with someone else’s relationship with money and finances as well. But, there are tricks to that trade.

Consider that if you want to make a specific kind of impression on people with financially-centered attitudes, there are five ways to do this worth mentioning offhand, including setting up the environment, showing off your bling, talking the talk, having a business plan ready, and being, in general, ready for action.

Set Up the Environment

If you know in advance where you’re going to be talking to the person in question, do a little bit of setup prep work. Make the room look fancy. Set up the right furniture and artwork. Buy a fancy tablecloth. Clean and shine everything. You want an immediate impression of financial purpose to just fling itself off of your environment, so keep paying attention to details until you make that happen.

Show Off Your Bling

To the financially minded, appearances are important, whether presented subtly or aggressively. So, men, wear a nice watch, and women, wear expensive jewelry. If it’s not something you normally do, then just do it for the meeting. And don’t bring attention to it. Rather, just make sure that it’s visible. This way you give the impression of having nice things and good taste, but you also give the impression of not caring what others think and not fishing for attention – both good qualities.

Talk the Talk

If you’re communicating with a financially-minded person, you need to know how to talk the talk. So, with a bit more prep work involved again, read some business best sellers and pick up on the lingo. And in conversation, you’ll understand what is being talked about, and you can also throw in buzz words, subtly, when the time is right.

Have a Business Plan Ready

And because you’ll be talking to this person, most likely, about business and finance, if you have either a business, or a business idea, have your business plan on hand. This means in both digital and physical formats. So, if you don’t have a business plan already, that means that you should really make one, and they do take some time to create, so get started today!

Be Ready for Action

Financially-centered people are typically action-oriented as well. So, during your conversation, if you want to make the best impression possible, you need to be ready to act. Discussing things is all fine and good, but when the moment strikes, it’s important that you actually do something to prove your presence.


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December 31, 2015 5 Ways To Impress People with Financially-Centered Attitudes