6 Tips for Conserving Fuel

Since the invention of the automobile, people have loved the open road. Traveling at a high rate of speed, seeing new sights and feeling free are all great side effects of going for a drive. Unfortunately, the rising gas prices have many people feeling the crunch when it comes to taking a leisurely drive. Included here are a few tips for conserving fuel next time you hit the open road.

Drive Like Granny

While poor, careful Grandma has received more than her fair share of criticism for her slow acceleration and careful braking, she may be reaping the benefits at the pump. Hasty acceleration and hard braking can consume gas at a rate of 37% higher in some vehicles. By accelerating slowly and decelerating slowly, your car will guzzle a little less gas, and likely last longer without maintenance.

Fuel Up Mid-Week

Everyone knows gas prices fluctuate based on demand. It is why we often experience higher prices in the summer and especially on the weekends. By filling up on Wednesday, you can avoid the Thursday price jump most gas station owners inflict in preparation for the weekend. Unless you are really low, try to avoid buying gas on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Pair Gas and Groceries

Getting rewards for buying gas, or buying things to get money for gas can be a way of lowering your gas pump costs. Your local grocery store likely offers gas rewards after you buy a certain amount in groceries. Similarly, you may have credit cards that offer you a percentage of cashback for your payment at the pump.

There’s An App for That

Like almost everything today, there is an app for finding gas stations. Apps like GasBuddy or AAA Triptik allow you to find the gas station with the lowest price in your general vicinity. This can be especially helpful when you are traveling and unfamiliar with an area. This app is a quick and easy way to save a few dollars at the pump and doesn’t cost you a thing!

Don’t Be Idle

Sitting in an idling car is a great way to waste money. You have probably sat waiting for a train and wondered whether it would be more fuel efficient to shut the engine off or leave it running. In most circumstances, if the car is going to idle for more than one minute, it is more fuel efficient to turn it off and back on than to leave it running.

Stay Maintained

Poor vehicle maintenance is a great way to sink yourself in extra fuel consumption. By having your tires properly inflated, your oil changed and your air filter replaced, your vehicle will run more cleanly and burn less fuel.

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February 22, 2016 6 Tips for Conserving Fuel