7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you are arrested for a crime, it is not the time to try and take on the legal system by yourself. There are several reasons why you need to find an attorney, such as William Hanlon, St Petersburg Criminal Lawyer  to represent your interests. Here are a few that you should consider if you want the best outcome possible.

Proficiency and Skills

A defense attorney will represent you against the crimes that you have been charged of committing. They have the expertise it takes to navigate the legal system and experience in dealing with judges and juries. The law can be very confusing for the average person, but a skilled lawyer has defended others charged with the same crime and knows the laws.

Saving You Money

If you are convicted of the crime you have been charged with, you could end up paying thousands of dollars in fines and court costs. In addition, you may have to spend quite some time in jail, resulting in a loss of wages from your job. A lawyer may help to lessen these costs and possibly keep you out of jail so you can keep your job.

Building Your Defense

One of the major things that most people do not realize when they are arrested is that the prosecution has a vested interest in convicting them. They will try to prove that you are guilty and get the maximum penalty allowed. The prosecution is interested in one thing and one thing only – winning the case. A lawyer has knowledge of how the prosecution operates to get these convictions and can protect you once you go to court.

Decreasing Penalties

An attorney may be able to get penalties reduced even if you are convicted of a crime. They can put together a defense and show why you should not receive the maximum fines or jail time. It may be possible to get probation instead of jail time so that you can keep your job. Fines may be reduced in order to allow you to pay an affordable amount.

Filing the Proper Paperwork

One of the most often forgotten parts of going to court is the paperwork that is involved. You may be at a loss as to what is required. A lawyer can ensure that it is all filled out and submitted within the time limit allowed. They will explain everything to you and advise you of what they think would be in your best interests, although the ultimate decision will be yours.

Providing Evidence

Any time you are accused of a crime, there must be evidence that supports the accusation. Often evidence may be weak or you may have evidence that helps to support your plea of not guilty. A lawyer will examine the evidence submitted by the prosecution to see if there are inconsistencies or weaknesses that can help your case. They have the resources to track down information or witnesses that would be favorable in your defense.

Protecting Your Reputation

A conviction is a matter of public record, and it can prevent you from getting a job, renting a home, or possibly even a loan for a vehicle. Perhaps one the most favorable aspects of hiring a lawyer is, that even if you are convicted, he or she can file an appeal to have your crime set aside. If it is approved, this will remove the conviction from public records.

Although there may be some legal matters that you will be able to take care of, such as a speeding ticket or disturbing the peace, it is wise to consult an attorney if you are facing criminal proceedings. Criminal offenses require the expertise and knowledge a criminal lawyer can provide.


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August 17, 2018 7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer