Budget Cruises for Beginners

So you want to go on a cruise but you’re worried about the cost? It’s actually a bit of a myth that cruises are expensive. In fact, some cruises can be great value for money. On top of that, there are some effective ways to make great savings when you go on a cruise. Here’s all you need to know about the cost of your cruise and tips to cruise for less wherever you want to go.

Know the Costs of Your Cruise

No matter what type of cruise you go on, whether luxury or budget, there are a few things to look out for when you buy your ticket. The cost of your ticket will include various things, such as accommodation in the form of a cabin, most of your food, and use of many of the facilities.

However, it won’t normally include alcoholic drinks, and you will have to pay to use some of the facilities, including some of the restaurants, which will vary from cruise to cruise. You will also have to pay for any excursions when you stop off on land. The ticket price also does not include the taxes, fees and fuel surcharges that are often added on top.

So when you see a ticket for sale, the first thing to do is find out exactly what it includes. You may find a cheaper ticket, but when you add on all the extras, it could cost a lot more.

How to Save Money on Any Cruise

The most obvious way to save money on a cruise is to book a budget cruise rather than a luxury one. However, what if you want to save money on your cruise no matter what type of cruise it is? There are a number of ways that you can cut down on the costs.

Save Money When Booking

The first thing to do is compare the prices of various cruises. You can do this by looking online for Carnival cruise deals or similar offerings and seeing what’s available, and this will help you to narrow down your options.

You may want to look for smaller cruises. These have fewer facilities and therefore tend to charge less, so this could be a good way to find a deal.

Try to be as flexible as possible with your dates. If you can wait until the last minute, there is a good chance that you will be able to find a better deal because cruise companies want to fill up all of their cabins.

In addition, you may want to opt for travelling out of season. The cruise season varies depending on where in the world you go, such as the Caribbean, Europe or the South Pacific, but an out-of-season cruise can often cost less.

Alternatively, you may want to choose a repositioning cruise, which is a great way to save some cash. When a cruise ship goes from one area of the world to another to take advantage of the different cruise seasons, you can hop along for the ride and enjoy a cheaper cruise.

You could also look for cheaper cabins to find the lowest price you can. If you don’t plan to spend much time in your cabin apart from sleeping, this is an easy place to save money that you can then spend elsewhere on having fun.

Save Money on Extras

The extras can all add up to make your cruise a lot more expensive. Try to cut down on these wherever possible to save money. For example, avoid drinking too much alcohol and cut down on the soda, all of which you normally have to pay for.

Avoid extras like paying for photographs taken by a professional on board. Sure, it can be a nice reminder of your trip, but take your own instead and save some money.

Your cruise may have a number of speciality restaurants to eat at, but again these will cost you extra. Stick to the budget option such as the buffet where you will still be able to eat very well. If you do want to eat at a speciality restaurant, you can sometimes book them before you board the cruise ship for less.

Try to bring what you can in order to save buying it on board. Don’t sneak alcohol on board if it is against the rules, but do take whatever you are allowed to and it will be much cheaper.

You can also attempt to save money with any day excursions you want to go on. Instead of booking these through the cruise, you may be able to book them directly with the organiser and save some money. Just make sure you use a trusted company that comes recommended.

Save Money on Your Cruise with Ease

It’s easy to save money on your cruise. Cruising does not have to be an expensive way to enjoy a holiday, and as long as you plan it properly you can enjoy a budget cruise and see a beautiful area of the world. Follow these tips and you could even enjoy a holiday that is cheaper than a standard holiday on land.

Ryan Posa has a deep love for cruising. After being the District Sales Manager for Carnival Australia, he established Cruise Republic in 2008 and loves writing about the practicalities and joys of cruising. You can keep up with Ryan on Twitter.


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March 29, 2016 Budget Cruises for Beginners