Buy a Scooter With This Simple Buying Guide

Are you planning to buy a scooter? If yes, then your main goal is finding the right scooter or moped that fits your transport needs. Choosing the right scooter is as important as choosing the right pair of shoes; you need to be very careful with it. You don’t want to end up buying something that doesn’t fit your needs. If you’re a first-time buyer, you need to consider many other aspects as well.

Conduct offline and online researches

You need extensive research and patience for buying the right scooter. Start by conducting research around what brand or model of moped or scooter that suits your personalized needs. You can research online for classifieds sites that are dedicated for particular brands and models of scooters. You can visit the websites of various sellers and research on the facilities and other parameters of the scooter.

Visiting the local moped dealers is also a good way to get a face to face expertise on choosing the right scooter. You also need to be aware of the resale value of the scooter and identify the exact timeline in the future for selling the moped.  In offline researches you get the advantage of taking the vehicle for a test drive. Try before you buy!

Imported vs. domestic insurance

The initial costs of your scooter or moped will largely depend on the brand or type you choose to buy. You also need to consider the on-road running costs of the scooter. Choosing a cheaper initial outlay can result in increased cost for scooter insurance, parts, fuel, and servicing in the future.

Earlier people avoided buying imported scooters from countries, like China, because when there was a malfunction occurs it was hard to buy the exact parts. The insurance was also pretty high for imported vehicles. So people chose to buy scooters mostly from domestic sellers.

Now, with the high-speed internet and the growing popularity of foreign brands, almost all foreign brands have started selling their parts online. Some even provide faster service with next day delivery and parts are cheaper too. The domestic brands have also improved drastically to meet the universal quality. So you’re free to select any scooter you want, irrespective of its make.

Buy from established brands

You can choose to buy from more established and renowned brands, like Honda, Yamaha, or Peugeot. They always provide high-quality products, with moving parts that lasts longer than some imported scooters. Additionally, with established brands, servicing can also be a less painful process. The mechanics will always have extensive knowledge on models that are sold more throughout the country.

Through purchasing a scooter from an established brand, you can also retain the second hand value of your moped for over a longer period. This might not be possible with non-domestic brands, as their resale value will reduce drastically over time. During resale, potential buyers are more likely to be attracted to an established brand of scooter; this gives you more opportunity to sell your vehicle in the future.

New scooter vs. used ones

While buying a scooter, the first question that comes to your mind is whether to choose a new or used one. If you want security and warranty for your scooter and readily available parts, then the best option is to buy from a reputable shop. By purchasing a used scooter you can save money, but there is a real possibility of some unforeseen repairs.

When you look for a used scooter, assess its value by looking into the cost that will incur while changing or repairing some of its parts. Have a thorough background check on how the vehicle was treated by its previous owner. Check if the vehicle had regular oil changes, serviced regularly, if it was involved in any accidents, does it have moped insurance, and so on. You can chose to buy from a reputable second-hand dealer and have some knowledgeable person evaluate the vehicle’s value. This will help avoid any potential hazards and expenses.

You must be sure about how you will use the scooter. Are you going to use it only for commuting or running some errands? Will you be carrying any passenger? Will you be riding recreationally or touring? Knowing these factors will guide you in finding the right scooter for you. Considering these factors in mind, you can now buy your own scooter. Ride your way ahead!

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January 26, 2017 Buy a Scooter With This Simple Buying Guide