Cash and Connections: Essentials of Cutting Your Electronics Expenses

You don’t have to be a self-described ‘tech head’ to take interest in a variety of electronics on the market.  Whether you’re a mom, student, freelancer, etc, you can find a few uses for laptops, smartphones, and digital cameras.  However, the modern age comes with a price; the cost of electronics is not small yet you can cut costs by adhering to the following.

Buy Older Models

Of course, one of the exciting elements of electronics is the cutting edge technology.  People will sleep out for the next iteration of the iPhone so they can be among the first to own one.  However, if the newest models are not in your budget, you can enjoy saving on older models.  If you can accept not having the latest edition, it’s likely you can find low prices on electronics that are dated but not obsolete.

Find Online Coupons

Older adults may associate coupons with remembrances of their moms and dads sitting in front of the Sunday paper with a pair of scissors in hand.  Sure, you can still find coupons on a number of home goods in the newspaper, but the modern shopper can also find savings online.  Head to sites such as Paytm coupons to recruit coupons on electronics and other sought-after products.

Shop for Refurbished Items

Manufacturers accept defective or ostensibly broken electronic equipment.  However, that doesn’t mean these items get discarded.  Depending on the nature of the malfunction, the manufacturer replaces a part or tinkers with the internal elements to get the piece to work again.  After, the units are resold as ‘refurbished’ items.  The electronics cannot be sold as brand new, yet work as if they are while sold at discounted prices.

Upgrade Old Devices

If you’re a faithful follower of a particular manufacturer or retail outlet, you may be able to turn in your older devices for an upgrade.  Talk to in-store and brand representatives about such a process.  You may be able to get the newest iteration of a computer, phone, or camera by turning in an older model and paying additional fees.

Use Craigslist and eBay

Some buy new electronics and decide to get rid of them due to a lack of use or diminished interest.  If you don’t mind buying second hand items, search Craigslist and eBay for sought electronics.  Be sure you chose a trusted vendor on eBay.  Finding someone to trust is a bit trickier with Craigslist, so be sure the seller uploads pictures and answers any questions you have before meeting them.

Search for Keywords

Use a search engine like Google or Yahoo.  Type in an item of interest, such as a Samsung computer or iPhone 4, and follow it with “discount” or “sale.”  You’ll be able to find sites and results leading to potential discounts.  Why pay retail prices when so many options to unearth sales are at your fingertips?

Electronics cost but if you’re a techie or one that can appreciate new technology, you don’t have to fret about price.  Take advantage of multiple ways to save.

Jessica Melton is a frugal Mom who is careful with her cash flow. The more she can save on food, utilities and other household expenses, the more she can spend on her daughters. She shares her frugal ways with others on personal finance sites.


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April 4, 2016 Cash and Connections: Essentials of Cutting Your Electronics Expenses