Coming From Humble Beginnings in Business


Some of the most successful businessmen come from humble backgrounds. Many Asian countries have a large population of people in the lower class. However, a significant percentage of such impoverished individuals eventually rise the social ladder in their native countries. Asian business people have strong ties to their home countries. There is tremendous loyalty in wealthy individuals that are originally from the East.

Such characteristics translate into great benefits for specific countries that produce successful entrepreneurs. At the same time, Asian business leaders also realize the potential in forming partnerships with neighboring countries. Additionally, today’s global economy creates great opportunities for international trade even in countries that have been traditionally isolated economically.

Wealthy business people often contribute to philanthropic causes. For instance, corporate executives might be passionate about supporting education. In many Asian nations, public education can use some significant improvements. Additionally, college is often out of the budget of many citizens in Asian countries. To make dreams come true for young people, corporations set up scholarships and other foundations with educational initiatives.

Countries such as Indonesia and China have tremendous obstacles in training masses of citizens for modern economies dominated by digital technology. The wealthy individuals of such nations have the responsibility to make some impacts in the educational future. A businessman such as Sukanto Tanoto and other Asian investors are examples of entrepreneurs that support philanthropic efforts. Universities often receive endowments from well-educated alumni who became successful.

Rich business owners in Asia understand the importance of impacting local economies by hiring local citizens. Instead of outsourcing certain jobs, some companies decide to keep positions open for communities that are in economic decline. In fact, business people in Asian can actually attract western companies that are looking to outsource manufacturing jobs. Building new factories and other production facilities leads to immediate economic booms in Asian countries that have unstable economies.

The power of the internet is also used wisely by Asian-based corporations. Executives and other high-level business leaders might have personal blogs and other online publications that reach out to large audiences. It’s possible to post news about specific events that are relevant to an industry dominated by a business person. For example, an owner of an Asian energy company can blog about trade regulations on oil and natural gas. Such blogs are mostly likely interesting for ambitious business people in Asia that are looking to build new western partnerships. Wealthy investors in Asia use official resources to make relevant blog posts. For example, exchange rates of the commodities market make great additions to articles about oil barrel imports and exports.

Online blogs could also be used to highlight the personal side of wealthy business people in Asia. For instance, photos and videos of charity events can show the compassionate side of executives who are often displayed as cold and uncaring moguls. Executives also do not mind discussing family matters such as marriage and raising children. A company might look more favorable if executives begin to connect with clients and employees on a personal level. For the most part, many Asian business leaders want to be known for philanthropic efforts rather than just successful company operations. Therefore, some executives often return to their home towns and make generous donations and other positive contributions to the community.


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October 24, 2014 Coming From Humble Beginnings in Business