Couples on a Budget: Tops Tips for Planning Your Beautiful Backyard Wedding

Every person deserves to marry someone they love, yet not all people have the budget for a five-star wedding.  They say love is blind, and it can be frugal as well while not sacrificing any special sentiments.  If you plan to forego a pricy grand wedding and opt for a backyard bash, here are a number of ways to ensure you stay within your budget.

Inspect the Yard

Throwing a party in the backyard saves you the cost of renting a space, but you still need to check that you have enough room for the people attending, etc.  You also want to make sure that there are areas for tents, a dance floor, a stage, food tables, etc.  Inspect the yard and begin to envision where elements will be placed.  It will help you decide what you want and what limitations you’re up against.  To generate ideas, you can upload pictures of the grounds to Facebook, Twitter, etc and ask friends and followers for ideas as to how they would decorate and make the most of the grounds.

Prep the Grounds

Brides and grooms pay a lot for flowers and other elements that create an ambiance.  However, you can escape such costs by preparing the grounds months ahead of time.  Plant flower beds, do some landscaping, and buy inexpensive yet eye catching lawn decorations.  Pay the most attention to areas that will take center stage, such as the aisle and altar.  Also, if the party will run its course into the night, consider draping lights from trees and shrubs and lighting torches.  Do you want to add some sparks to the ceremony and subsequent party?  Go to for ideas on adding something special to the decor.

Choose a Theme

Expensive wedding planners have rich experience, but they may not be as creative as you when it comes to choosing a theme.  A lot of the ‘wow’ factor is determined by the tiny details.  You can better micromanage the fine details once you have chosen a theme.  Some brides prefer rustic, whimsical, sophisticated country, etc.  Also, don’t dismiss incorporating places and pastimes; for example, brides and grooms who are surfers, may want the party to take the shape of a Hawaiian luau.

Rent Tents

Yes, it’s an outdoor wedding, but it may be wise to create shelter with tent, which helps block the wind, creates a room-like atmosphere, and (in worst case scenarios) protects guests from rain and drizzle.  Depending on the style and size, tents can be relatively inexpensive and easy to set up on the grounds.  Tents keep guests out of the sun and rain and provides shade for photo opportunities.

Spend More on Creativity

If you devote more time toward planning, you won’t have to invest added funds toward entertainment for guests.  For example, you may find a local comedian who can stop by to do a half-hour set or a local acoustic guitarist that would be more than happy to play for an hour.  Plus, consider introducing a number of lawn games.  Traditional wedding planners hire expensive DJs and bands, which is nice but such entertainment gets old quickly.  If you’ve heard one wedding DJ or band, you’ve heard them all.  However, a local comedian, musician, painter, etc, is something different that guest have not likely experienced at a wedding.

Hire a Food Truck

Food is an essential component but like other needs of the backyard wedding, you don’t have to take the traditional route.  Food trucks are incredibly popular, and depending on a vendor’s availability, you can provide guests with unique, delicious, and quickly served food.  Plus, it may cost a fraction of the price considering a food truck vendor does not always know how a day’s sales will go.  Most vendors would be more than happy to prepare food for a predetermined price.

Control the Temperature

There is little you can do, short of asking guests to perform a rain dance, to dictate the weather, but you can help control the body temperatures of guests by having fans, hats, blankets, and warm or cold beverages on hand.  Depending on the time of year and the immediate forecasted temperatures for the week and day, decide what elements you can introduce to make guests more comfortable.  Friends and family won’t be as concerned with the types of entertainment as much as they will with their level of comfort.  The greatest show on earth would not go over well if a person is overly hot or cold.

Charlotte John is a wedding planner who realizes that most couples are on a budget when it comes to creating their big day. She shares her tips with soon-to-be brides on where to splurge and where to save on the big day.

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February 19, 2016 Couples on a Budget: Tops Tips for Planning Your Beautiful Backyard Wedding