Digital Security: 3 Cost-Effective Ways to Protect Your Business and Client Information

With nearly everything going digital, it can be hard to keep track of information. Many companies are beginning to realize the importance of digital precautions for both the security of their business and client information. Significant data breaches can cause a loss of trust in your company and could feasibly bankrupt your business with the tide of lawsuits.

While you may not be able to escape the need for digital transfer of information, there are many ways you can protect it. Before you become concerned about the expense, be assured, these methods are effective and affordable. Included here are a few cost-effective ways you can protect the information of both your business and your clients.

Email Encryption

Nearly every company has begun doing business by email. Your bank likely sends you statements this way, and your account numbers and balance information is likely available. When buying a home, you may include sensitive information in emails to your lender, with your Social Security Number, physical address, yearly income and more. Can you imagine if this information falls into the wrong hands?

Businesses have an even more serious responsibility when it comes to email encryption. Any company sending out private information to a client is responsible for encrypting the email to avoid data breaches or snooping. By implementing a simple, cost-effective software program, your company can be assured they are doing their utmost to keep information private and safe.

Ban Removable Data Devices

While it is nice to imagine that all of your employees are “above bar” morally, there are many who are just waiting for an opportunity to sink the company or get ahead personally. Personal information can be sold for a great deal on the “black market” and many identity thieves will pay a premium for your sensitive data.

One way employees can gain this private data from your workplace is through removable data devices, like thumb drives. They can easily download client information or install a bug that sends all information to their home computer. By banning all thumb drives from your office, or disabling their use through your computer system, you can take a huge step towards protecting your clients. The best part is, this method is completely free!

Create A Disaster Plan

Another completely free way of protecting your clients and preparing for a data breach is by making a disaster plan. A “disaster” could be identified as a time when client information is leaked or another threat to digital security has befallen the company. It is critical your company has a method for dealing with this situation. Data breaches frequently bankrupt companies in the damages pay outs, so knowing how to respond can literally make or break you.

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April 5, 2016 Digital Security: 3 Cost-Effective Ways to Protect Your Business and Client Information