Finding a Good PPI Claims Management Company


Heard about PPI, done a bit of research, think there is a possibility you might be able to claim?  You then join many who may also be stuck in a rut in then claiming PPI refunds.  It can be a bit confusing and daunting, with a lot of money at stake.  You might decide you need a claims expert to help you, and then comes another decision – who to turn to?

Most claims management companies offer experienced claims experts with top-notch knowledge and skills in reclaiming insurance refunds… or so they claim.

Here are a few things you’ll need to look for in a reputable claims management company, as only a good company will help you get the compensation you might be entitled to in a speedy, efficient and straightforward way:

Year Established
The Payment Protection Insurance policy reclaiming boom began in 2010 as more claims management companies sprang about and the PPI scandal became more well-known.  If the claims company has only just began, do not consider getting them. The longer your claims company is in the industry, the more experienced they are likely to be and the less likely they will cause any issues with lack of professionalism.


Advertising methods

The same applies for those companies who have done all the others discredit with their terrible aggressive advertising methods – sending unwanted advertisement text messages or cold calling – avoid avoid avoid!  A good company would never harass you and advertise in such invasive manners.


It may be a good idea to settle with a claims management company near your home or workplace. If you need to travel three different cities just to meet with your claims expert, you will find it troublesome to travel to and fro.

Claims Regulation Number
The Ministry of Justice holds a Claims Regulation Number for every claims management company under its observation.  If you’re not too sure with the claims management company you’re working with, inquire with the Ministry of Justice about their claims regulation number.

No Win No Fee Basis
Reputable and long-time claims management companies such as often work with customers under a no win no fee basis.  No win no fee means that you do not pay anything to your claims expert if they fail to win you your claim.  However, they will take a percentage when they successfully get your full refund and if you’re satisfied with their performance.

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July 2, 2015 Finding a Good PPI Claims Management Company