Five Qualities of a Successful Accountant

Are you interested in becoming an accountant? A job as an accountant involves balancing the financial records of a business or organization. Also, an accountant helps a business by organizing or maintaining its financial records. If you are looking into a career as an accountant, there are certain qualities that can help you find success in this field. Checkout five qualities that can help you in a career as an accountant.

Attention to Detail

Do you pay close attention to the details when studying a collection of figures? If so, then you are likely to find success in this field. Attention to detail helps accountants to find mistakes in a lengthy spreadsheet full of numbers and totals. This quality is also helpful when an accountant is examining and balancing the financial books belonging to a large store or other business. Every reliable accountant knows that a small, mathematical mistake on a spreadsheet affects the overall accuracy of a business’ financial records.


Another important quality of an accountant is persistence. Sometimes it’s difficult to find a mistake or inaccuracy in a set of financial records. The quality of persistence helps an accountant to persevere until the mistake or inaccuracy is found. A dependable accountant will not give up until the books are balanced!


An accountant who wants to succeed in this industry must be honest. This professional deals with a company’s financial documents including social security numbers, salaries, taxes and more. These are very private pieces of material. So, an accountant must be trustworthy in order to keep all of this information secure. A reliable, honest accountant will quickly establish a good reputation in the industry and continue to be in demand by employers.


Ambition is another essential quality for an accountant to possess. Being an accountant opens up the opportunity to move up the career ladder. A person may start out as a CPA, then progress to a position as supervisor of all the CPAs in a company. Some accountants make lateral moves within the profession. For instance, a CPA may decide to get more education to become a forensic accountant. In short, if you want to progress in this profession you can if you’re ambitious and open to learning. There are many varieties of accountants, so you have a world of opportunities open to you. New England College is an example of an educational institution that prepares students for careers in the accounting field.

The Ability to Work with Others

An accountant must be able to work with others. Some people envision a job as an accountant as being very solitary. But, accountants talk with employees of a company and discuss issues with heads of departments as well. In many cases, an accountant has to have input regarding the way a company does business in order to work with its financial records. The ability to communicate with coworkers and clients in a friendly, effective way is essential for an accountant who wants to stay busy.

Lastly, these are just five qualities that contribute to an accountant’s success. Keep in mind that one of the most important qualities is to love working with numbers and balancing financial records.

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February 21, 2018 Five Qualities of a Successful Accountant