From Pocket Money to Nest Egg: 3 Tips for Beginning Investors

Money management can seem complex when you are starting out, but it is actually a fairly simple system. Initially, you will want to put your focus on monthly budgets, savings and debt-repayment; after those things are under control, it may be time to turn to investing. While some aspects of investing, like acquiring a business, may be way over your head, starting out can be fairly simple.

Start Young

The first key to being successful with investing is in getting going while you are young. If all you have extra each month is $25, start there. Have you heard of the couple who retired at age 30? The only way to retire so young is through having a diverse and productive investment portfolio. By working hard and investing wisely, you can create an interest stream that sustains you and your lifestyle.

For example, an individual who begins investing a small amount at 23 will be substantially better off than someone who begins investing larger amounts at 33. The secret to the 23 year old’s success is in compounding interest. Each interest payment adds a portion of money to their overall principal, giving them a greater amount of interest earned each year.

Get Advice

Like many things, the investment world can seem overwhelming when you look at it from the outside, but getting into it can simplify everything. Fairly soon you will be the confident investor telling other people “it is like riding a bike.” The trick to simplifying investing can be as basic as speaking to someone who knows the industry.

While there are many people experienced in investing, not all of them will be able to provide advice that is genuinely helpful. For example, many investment experts will be giving you information that may encourage you to work with them. This is why it is important to find an unbiased professional who can give you pointers without an ulterior motive.

Find the Familiar

Initial investing does not have to be incredibly complex. For instance, if you buy a specific product on a regular basis, think latte, electronics or groceries, consider investing in that company. Areas where you are familiar with the product will help you get your feet wet. While all investing may still require a small amount of research, familiar products should be easier.

All other investing will require more research on your part, especially if you utilize a discount broker. Discount brokers are online investment brokers that can perform trades for a remarkably low amount but will not offer you advice. This means all investment information must be researched for and secured by you, but trades will be performed by the broker.

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April 12, 2016 From Pocket Money to Nest Egg: 3 Tips for Beginning Investors