How do you become a certified risk manager (CRM)?

If you are employed in a professional career where risk assessment is involved you may have thought about becoming a risk manager. You may even be involved with risk management and want to formalize your position with a qualification, or improve your career prospects. While it’s not necessary to be a certified risk manager (CRM) in order to be involved in risk management it is a good thing if you have the relevant qualification.

There is plenty of advice available if you want to find out how to become a certified risk manager. The CRM qualification is one of the most important for anyone who is working as a risk manager in fields such as accounting, finance and the legal profession.

Why become a CRM?

You may be wondering why, if you do not have to have the CRM qualification to be a risk manager it’s worth taking the time to acquire it.  The fact is that although not every risk manager is a CRM there is more demand for those people who have the qualification. Simply put if you want to have a good career in risk management then you should aim to be a CRM. It’s worth noting that many recruiters actually require candidates for risk management roles to be qualified CRMs. If you are a CRM you are a far more marketable asset in the world of risk.

How do you gain the CRM qualification?

The CRM qualification is demanding to obtain, but the good news is that you can study for the qualification online. This means that you can study to be a CRM even if you are already in full time employment. In fact the qualification is aimed at professionals who are already involved in risk measurement, such as insurance professionals. If you study to be a CRM you will cover the five main aspects of risk management:

  • The principles of risk management.
  • Analysing risk.
  • Controlling risks
  • Financing of risk
  • The practice of risk management.

Studying details of all of these aspects helps you in the role of risk manager. You can see why many businesses and organisations require risk managers to be CRMs. Passing the examination that is required to obtain the qualification means that you have good knowledge of what is involved in risk management; you can then build on this knowledge as you progress on your career path.

If you work in risk management, or aim to work in the field, you can see why you really need to become a CRM. The good news is that being able to study for the qualification online means you can fit the studying in around your life. You get to choose when to study, and where. You do not have to compromise the job you already have in order to become better qualified. The most important thing to remember is that becoming a CRM helps to maximise the potential of you having a productive career in risk management.

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May 6, 2016 How do you become a certified risk manager (CRM)?