How to Resize Your Photos for Websites

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Do you have some photos that you’d like to upload to your website only they aren’t the right size? Unless you happen to be a web developer, this is a problem that many people face and it can often be annoying to deal with.

Admittedly, if you really wanted to you could just upload the photos as they are – but if they are too large you’ll find that they are slow to load due to the huge file sizes. Also if you intend to use them in a fixed area they may ‘overflow’ or be ‘cropped’ because they can’t fit properly.

Long story short – you need to know how to resize your photos if you intend to use them on websites.

Step-by-Step Resizing

With the Movavi Photo Batch, resizing your photos is really almost trivially easy. It just takes a few steps and a couple of clicks and your images could be ready to be uploaded in exactly the right dimensions.

All that you need to do is:

  1. Add the file that you want to resize
  2. Click the ‘Resize’ button
  3. Choose to shrink or expand the dimensions of the picture by percentage, or by setting a custom size
  4. Start to resize

The best part about the software is that not only can you resize your photos – but you can do them all at once. So for example if you were to want to resize all the photos that you took with your smartphone to 50% of their current size, you could simply put them in the same folder, add the folder, and then resize them all with no additional effort.

On top of that it also comes with a host of other features, including the ability to convert files to other formats, rename files in bulk, adjust image quality, and even rotate or flip images. Long story short – no matter what you need to do to get your files ready for websites, it is more than capable of carrying it out, and then some.

Now that you know how to resize an image, why not try it out for yourself. Odds are you’ll be surprised how easy, fast, and convenient it can be to do so even with huge quantities of photographs. The next time you’re looking to get images ready for websites, it will probably take you a fraction of the time.

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July 27, 2015 How to Resize Your Photos for Websites