Make your Parents Proud. Learn to Keep your Home Maintained


Most people will certainly be distracted by how much money their home costs them to buy. What is important is to not forget the effort and work that owning a home requires each year. Just like taking care of your car, you also need to take care of your house.

I know it can seem overwhelming to try and do everything your homes needs to keep it in shape. Take comfort in knowing that most of what you need to do for your home does not require a lot of skill or experience to get it done.

The Modern Rules of House Maintenance

There are many items you need to check to keep your home in tiptop shape. For me to talk about them all, I would need to write a book not a blog. Most of us know to check our fire extinguishers, clean filters and carpets, and to turn on and run any tools that we do not use as often.

Because there are so many things to keep on top of in your home, there are often some checks that we can either forget or are not even think of at all. These checks are just as important. I have written down a list of some of the places you need to check around your home to help keep it happy and healthy.

The Oddest Places you Never Thought About.

•  Clean out your dryer vent or any other vents that go outside of your home. When you have your dryer going look to see if there is exhaust coming out of the vent. If it smells like crisp, clean clothes then you don’t need to worry. If you don’t see much air coming out, try to see if there is something blocking the pipe. Vacuum any lint from the hosepipe to the dryer and call a pro if you think there is a problem.

•  Vacuum the coils on the back of your fridge. I just learnt this word of advice from a refrigerator repairman. Our fridges can use almost 15% of our home’s energy so we need it working really well. The coils on the back of the fridge will get grimy making the fridge have to work harder and need more power. You can save lots of money each year by doing this easy chore.

•  Next is our bathrooms. You may not know it but you need to take off your shower heads and clean any build up you find there. Doing this will make your shower head last longer and save on your water bill.

•  If your home as a basement, you need to give it some TLC. A good deep cleaning and look at your basement will make you feel better. Basements are awfully ignored, especially if you just like to store your Christmas decorations and winter clothes there. Dust and clean, making sure you don’t see any mould any place.

Provide your basement with a little attention. Vinyl ceiling tiles can contain asbestos. You don’t want to get sick but if you do, there are specialized lawyers like those at Baron and Budd who are asbestos / mesothelioma lawyers and can help you. If you have been diagnosed with this relentless disease, you will need legal representation. If an asbestos-related illness isn’t an issue for you, consider this a warning to have your home checked for asbestos.

Successful Home Maintenance Avoids Common Pitfalls

Home appliances and your plumbing system are the common villains attacking your homes well-being, yet they are generally the easiest things to look after. From your basement to the living room carpet, there are ways of making your home dirt free, risk free, and well looked after.


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August 25, 2015 Make your Parents Proud. Learn to Keep your Home Maintained