Making A Living With A Career In The Arts

If you’ve just started working on your art you may not think you can make a living at it, or you may just not know the steps to take to launch your artwork into a full blown career. It really starts with a portfolio and an online presence, and then you can go from there.

You also need to think about financing your business as an artist. Art supplies don’t come cheap, and neither do promotional items, which you need both of if you want to successfully launch your art business.

Your Portfolio

Obviously, in order to create a portfolio, you need to have a good deal of art created in order to create your portfolio. Then you need to take some great photos of that art so that you can share it in your portfolio. You can do a print portfolio or an online one, or even both.

Make sure that you get good, high resolution photos, no matter what type of portfolio you are planning on. You also want to make sure you have the right kind of lighting so that your photos look authentic and do your artwork justice.

Getting Your Art Online

Set up an online portfolio, or website, where you can share your art with the most people possible. Make sure you have an about page where you can make sure that people get to know you too, not just your art.

Make sure that you are marketing yourself and your art online every chance you get, including taking a cue from Park West Gallery and getting your business on LinkedIN and other promotional social media sites. Facebook and Twitter are great, but you want to make sure that you promote to other professionals as well.

Promoting Locally

While you reach the most people by advertising online, through website, blogging, and even social media, you should still promote locally. Your biggest fans could be your neighbors and your best destinations could be local stores willing to stock your art.

Creative Financing

Being an artist takes many, and you probably know all about being a starving artist. But you don’t need to always spend your grocery money on your art supplies. You could start a savings account strictly for your small business endeavors, but there are also other ways to get money.

You could start up a crowdfunding page to get other people to help you fund the launch of your art business, and in return for their donations you could award them with smaller pieces of art. You may even find backers if you have larger project ideas or if you art is something along the lines of writing or music.

You can live your life as an artist, and be in your dream job full time, you just need to launch it right and have the funds it takes to be in business.


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December 21, 2015 Making A Living With A Career In The Arts