Managing Your Time When You Work from Home: A Guide

Working from home will become the norm that everyone lives by. It simply makes economic sense. Employees get to save money on commuting and lunch costs, and employers get to save on rent and utilities. In exchange, both parties can get more out of the arrangement. From more productive work to the ability to manage your work/life balance, working from home is the future. That being said, there is a transition period. It can be hard to immediately be productive working from home, which is why you will want to follow this guide to help you get started.

Set Aside a Working Area

You should never work in areas you relax in. It means your living room and bedroom should absolutely be out of limits. Instead, create a working area. Depending on your living space, this might just be a desk in the corner of your room, or it might be an entire office space. Either way, create a clean, productive space by following this article from Entrepreneur, and you will be on the right track to working from home.

Stick to a Schedule

The best way to be productive is to make it a habit. Start work at the same time. Take breaks at the same time. Finish work at the same time. This, in turn, will help you be more productive in shorter periods than trying to create a new schedule every single day.

Do More with Your Breaks

Your daily schedule must include breaks. You should take one break every 90 minutes or so, and one for lunch. The reason why you need to do this is that breaks actually help you stay productive and on task, but only if you take them during scheduled break periods and don’t get distracted when you should be productive.

To really improve the benefits of your break, you will want to get away from your home office. You can do some light exercises, make yourself a snack or lunch, and of course find something fun to do that doesn’t take up too much time. Playing a casino game on your phone with Unibet, for example, can be thrilling and engaging, meaning you completely take your mind off the work at hand. Do this, and you can give your mind a much-needed break and reduce mental fatigue.

Eat Healthily

Since you work at home, there is no excuse not to eat healthy, home-cooked meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Just don’t let yourself slack and eat unhealthy snacks just because they are nearby and no one is around to tell you not to. The healthier you eat, the better you will feel and the more energy you will have for everything you care about.

Get Out of the House

Finally, you need to make plans. Go out every Friday to work in a social space. Plan to see your friends and family. Working from home can mean being disconnected and losing that social element, so you need to put extra work in to stay healthy, happy, and therefore productive.

There are many different ways to be productive at home. What is important is that you find what works for you and that you stick to it.

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January 4, 2019 Managing Your Time When You Work from Home: A Guide