Procurement support: important tools for fleet management

Spare parts management system for fleets

Due to globalization, it has become important for conglomerates and multinational companies to own their fleets. The purpose of owning a fleet of vehicles is to deliver a company’s product to customers or move its equipment and people. 

Now there are two types of the fleet: private fleet and fleet companies.

  • A private fleet means that a company specifically owns a fleet of vehicles for their own purposes. 
  • Fleet companies own many vehicles and lease out their vehicles to customers. 

There is a numerous amount of vehicles worldwide, therefore there is a great demand for vehicle spare parts. 

Commonly, a vehicle may collide and get damaged, or its part resources may simply deteriorate. In all cases, a company must have a spare parts management system for its vehicle fleet. This a system would enable a business to promptly replace parts in a vehicle without causing any halt in the production process.

STS-Global approach to spare parts management

STS-Global helps its worldwide clients to set-up a spare parts management system to reduce numbers of faults and replace any vehicle’s wreck quickly. The company provides cars, trucks and heavy-duty vehicles procurement support. Besides, the company supplies genuine spare parts from a wide range of brands, such as Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mercedes-Benz, Chevrolet, etc., for more details check out

The company has helped many of its clients to set up a supply chain of spare parts. This enables the company to manage the spare part system of its client and provides a regular stream of parts to them. Due to the company’s high standards, clients easily trust it to manage the spare parts for their fleets. 

Best practices for spare parts management

If your company owns a huge fleet of vehicles, it should be one of your priorities to have an efficient management practice to avoid delays in the business cycle. Following, we will see the few best ways to mold your fleet management in such a way that it stands out from its competitors. 

Efficient work order process

A work order is basically a document that provides details about a maintenance task and briefly outlines the process. If you have such a process in place, it will improve inventory accuracy and prevent spare parts theft. Since all parts issuance would require a work order, there would be a proof of document whenever there’s a usage of a part. 

This will help to keep track of the inventories and prevent understatement of them. 

Inventory control system

It’s the most important step that every business should have for its fleet management system. You can install software like a RTA solution, which can keep track of your parts’ inventory. Assigning barcodes to each unit of parts will enable prompt update to the system, and it’ll show an accurate count of the parts. 

Therefore, having inventory control software will greatly benefit your business because you’ll have updated inventory counts at all times, leading to lower theft and accurate measures. 

Security measures

To reduce the threat of security theft in the system, it’s best to have security measures. Some security measures are as follows:

  • Limiting access of employees to inventory storage areas. 
  • Installation of Identity proof at entering or exiting the storage area. 
  • Proper identity for specific spare parts employees to allow access. 

As established above, spare parts management is a crucial aspect that determines a fleet business’s success. STS-Global can help you setting up a supply chain for your company, ensuring reliable and high-quality procurement support. Join hands and improvise your spare parts management system. 

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June 9, 2021 Procurement support: important tools for fleet management