Save Money Shopping With These 5 Coupon Apps

Couponing is incredibly popular these days. As a matter of fact, it is the easiest way to save your time and substantial amount of money. Everyone is searching out ways to find the best deals. People with busy schedules usually don’t have the time to search through the Internet and print out, organize, and use the coupons. But thanks to couponing apps, they can now upload, clip and scan coupons directly on their Smartphones, making the whole process more efficient. It is also possible to find coupons and discount codes at various websites. For example, coupons at Plusvouchercode makes it easy for to find great deals online. Though there are plenty of apps that promise to save money, finding the suitable ones with excellent features may take a lot of your energy. Here are the best 5 coupon apps you need to consider:

  1. SnipSnap

The app is ideal for casual couponers who prefer speed and convenience to exhaustive lists, as well as options. SnipSnap automatically sorts the coupons based on the expiration date. It can help you search stores and retailers for coupons and then download them directly to the app. In fact, you can also search your saved coupons by retailer for easy access. When you’re at checkout, the cashier scans your Smartphone for each coupon or the code displayed under the coupon.

The SnipSnap’s Near Me feature is very helpful as it finds coupons based on location, meaning you can pull up the app as you keep on waiting in the checkout line and receive unanticipated discounts. You will never miss out on a deal because this feature can also track your movements and keep you updated when it matches a store’s location to a coupon you already have.


  • Quick and easy to use
  • Free
  • Location reminders
  • Processing takes a few minutes
  • Reminders when coupon is about to expire


  • Not possible to edit sharing options when uploading coupon.
  • Some coupons are for different geographical locations, and cashiers don’t always know how to input the codes.
  • Incompatible with manufacturer coupons because they must be physically collected back to the manufacturer by the store.
  1. CardStar

This app presents you with a genius way to score savings based on store loyalty cards. Rather than keeping the loyalty cards in the wallet, you can simply scan them into the app. When you get to the checkout, the cashier will scan your phone instead of the card. With the app, you can also store important details about the loyalty cards, such as the phone number that was used to open your account. It also updates you when one of your loyalty cards has an extra offer, such as free merchandise and discounts for cardholders.


  • Free.
  • Streamlines loyalty cards.
  • Lets you know about special offers.


  • Some cards seem to scan more accurately than others.
  1. Grocery iQ

If you want to manage your grocery list and use coupons concurrently, Grocery iQ is the app for you. It enables you to easily create a custom grocery list and use that list to search for coupons available at stores you frequently shop at, as well as for the products you usually buy. You can simply create and save lists based on what you already tend to purchase, thus minimizing impulse buying. Also, you can enter items via voice or sync lists with your partner so that you don’t forget anything.

With Grocery iQ, you can enter loyalty card details and save deals individually directly to your account with your loyalty card.


  • Free.
  • Works with many store loyalty cards, such as Kroger and Safeway.
  • Helps you create a personal shopping list for fewer impulse purchases.


  • Some are paper-based coupons which still need to be printed.
  • It can also take time to set up lists and sync.
  1. Yowza

Most couponing apps require users to upload and share coupons, but Yowza allows retailers to upload coupons and offers, and ultimately results in better savings. It offers a huge selection of coupons which you can save to your account for future use. Since the app is location-driven, you can increase your score savings based on your area which you’re not likely to get with other nationally based coupon apps. You can also search for stores you usually purchase goods from, even if they’re outside your area.


  • Free.
  • More predictable results.
  • Retailers upload offers.
  • You can download and scan straight from the app, thus saves time at checkout.


  • Limited offers as compared to other apps.
  1. Checkout51

It offers cash-back rebates on products you’ve already purchased, as proofed by the receipts. This way, you save some money even if you don’t like using coupons. The apps simply lets you take a picture of your store receipt and then scans the receipt and deposits cash back into your account based on the current rewards and offers. You will get a check sent to you once the balance hits $20.


  • A genius way to save money.


  • You need to upload your receipt immediately because there can be a limited number of rebates for a specific item.


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May 27, 2016 Save Money Shopping With These 5 Coupon Apps