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If you know that someone has been in court recently or has been arrested and could be in jail, there are a few options that you have to find out information online. You can visit the website of the jail and enter the information about the person to determine if the name is listed in the system. This is often the easiest way to find out if someone has been arrested and whether that person has been released or not, but you likely won’t see a lot of the details about a court date or specific charges.

Another option would be to search FL public records that are available online. You can usually find out almost any kind of information that you need to know if you search public records, such as marriage and death certificates. Sites like Intelius are available as well. You can enter the name of the person as well as the last known address or phone number to get as many details as you need. There are some pieces of information that you might have to pay for, such as criminal records or job-related details. However, this is a good option to consider if you’re hiring someone for a job or you know someone who is living in your community who you are suspicious about.

Since many people are on social media sites of all kinds, you can usually enter someone’s name to see if that person is on any of these sites. There are usually pictures as well as a few personal details so that you can make sure you have found the right person. If you can’t find a specific name, you can usually search for a group that the person might be associated with or a school that the person attended. Instead of using only one search engine, enter the person’s information into as many search engines as possible. You can sometimes get details from one search engine that you might not get from another as each one performs searches in different ways.

Consider using quotation marks around the name that you’re searching for or using the word “not” before certain details that you don’t want to see when the search is performed. Professional profile websites are an option as well and will usually deliver results about jobs that the person has had, which is beneficial if you want to see a professional history of the person in question.

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August 23, 2018 Search For The Details