Sleep Deprivation And Poor Financial Choices

Casinos know the effect that sleep deprivation can have on decision-making and they use this fact to their advantage. For more info on casino click the previous link which will take you directly to Wizard Slots, one of the biggest brands in the gambling industry. It is common knowledge that sleepy people often make poor decisions, but what makes sleep deprived people proceed to make these choices even when they know that they are impaired at that moment?

Scientists have discovered that people who suffer from inadequate sleep often fool themselves into making decisions, even those that involve their own money. While studying gamblers in casinos, scientists found that judgment impaired by sleep is a great advantage for casinos but an even bigger disadvantage for the late night gamblers.

It was observed that sleepy gamblers, which is a common occurrence in most casinos, fool themselves into making poor financial decisions by counting their winnings prematurely, failing to adequately conduct a risk assessment, and praise potential earnings. All of these activities are a recipe for disaster on an individual’s financial position.

Research into this common behavior found that sleep deprivation led to an increase in activity in the regions that assess positive outcomes. Thus, late-night gamblers and sleep deprived individuals in general tend to only focus on the positive outcomes of the activities they engage in. they are thus more likely go ahead and make financially risky behavior without first conducting an accurate risk assessment of the situation. In addition, studies have shown that sleep deprivation leads to a decrease in activity in the part of the brain where negative outcomes are processed and assessed. Thus, sleep-deprived individuals are hardly able to assess the negative outcomes of financially risky decisions.

Other studies have found that stress and sleep are interlinked. Sleep-deprivation elevates the levels of stress for individuals. At the same time, we all know that stress inhibits our ability to make proper decisions regarding financial risks. Normally, when individuals are faced with a stressful situation, even if they are usually responsible with their money, they show a greater willingness to take risks when it comes to financial decisions. This occurrence is further exacerbated when a person is under a lot of stress and he cannot seem to find a way to sleep well. It becomes a cycle of stress-fueled insomnia, and sleep fueled stress that ultimately leads to a series of bad financial decisions.

In order to avoid a situation whereby lack of sleep is leading you to making poor financial decisions, you need to improve your sleeping habits. This can be done in variety of ways. For instance, researchers have determined that reading before bed is an excellent way of helping you fall asleep. Reading is an activity that requires one to actively engage their cognitive skills, which will tire the brain helping you sleep throughout the night.

In addition, it is paramount that you reduce your stress levels in order to achieve better sleep. It is common knowledge that having less to worry about will help you sleep better at night. Take steps to resolve the issues that are stressing you. Furthermore, try as much as possible to avoid various stress triggers at home and at work.

Another way to improve your sleeping pattern is by increasing your thiamine intake. Thiamine can be found in certain meats, and it has a significant impact on how you sleep if you do not have enough of it in your system. You can increase your thiamine levels by eating sunflower seeds and pork.

As you aim to get better sleep in order to better secure your finances, you should also look into a suitable mattress. A comfortable memory foam mattress may be all that you require to get some descent shut eye every night. Before purchasing one, however, be sure to look for memory foam mattress reviews, so that you can be sure that you are purchasing the mattress with the highest quality.

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February 6, 2017 Sleep Deprivation And Poor Financial Choices