Stop Stressing and Enjoy Driving: Cutting Car Ownership Costs Considerably

Car ownership is a necessity for many of us and owning a car can of course be pleasurable, provided you are not spending your time about worrying how much it is costing you to run.

The Canadian Automobile Association estimate that it can cost somewhere between $6,000 and $9,000 a year to run a car, when you take into account things like insurance, maintenance and other fixed annual costs together with unforeseen bills.

This figure will naturally vary according to the make and model you are running, but there is no doubt that car ownership is an expense you need to keep a lid on if you can.


Keeping your car in good shape and getting it checked and serviced periodically is often a better strategy for saving money than waiting until something goes wrong and getting it fixed.

It might not seem like it, but getting your car serviced and replacing anything that is worn out or broken as soon as you notice it, will often save you money in the longer term.

You can normally get a fixed price for a regular Dodge service or whatever brand of car you drive, and if you get them to take care of your car on schedule, you will improve your odds of avoiding a costly breakdown or getting a tow truck to rescue you

Spend less on gas

A big part of your annual running costs will be what you spend on gas, but you can do some things that will cut your costs by getting better miles per gallon.

Remember to check your tires regularly, as a tire that is not inflated to the correct pressure is going to result in reduced fuel-efficiency and might even cause you to lose control of the vehicle.

You can also save on gas costs by driving more conscientiously and less aggressively.

There are plenty of sound reasons why easing off the gas is a good move. You will extend the life of your brakes and use less fuel. You will also reduce engine wear and just as importantly, you might even reduce your odds of having an accident if you drive slower.

It is estimated that if you drive at 100km per hour rather than 120km per hour on the highway, that will save you as much as 20% on fuel costs.

Sharing can save money

A modern solution to saving on your car costs could be the idea of carpooling.

If you know anyone who goes to the same place of work, school or recreational events, consider setting up a carpooling arrangement.

This is an idea that works well in a number of different ways. It is sociable and good for the environment and it helps to reduce wear and tear on your car if you share the journeys. It will also save on your gas costs if you share the burden with others who are traveling to the same destination.

Follow some of these money-saving strategies and you could soon be able to stop stressing and start enjoying your motoring again.

George Murray is a car fanatic, but with a family of 5 he has to watch the spending. In his free moments he enjoys sharing the money-saving tips he has picked up by blogging for a mix of auto and personal finance blogs.


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November 30, 2015 Stop Stressing and Enjoy Driving: Cutting Car Ownership Costs Considerably