Surprising Your Clients with Business Ecards

Business ecards can be sent for a variety of different purposes and occasions. Traditionally, business ecards are sent in the form of Christmas cards in the business world. However, limiting yourself to just Christmas cards is missing a number of opportunities for a very cost-effective marketing and brand awareness solution.

Christmas corporate ecards are attractive because it is a time of high consumer spending whilst many people also receive money to be able to spend. Of course, your industry does dictate how relevant your business is to being able to capitalize on the Christmas period. Most business can create an attractive New Year Special Offer to draw in customers whatever industry they are trading.


It may, at first, appear strange to be suggesting that a business sends out birthday ecards. It is a very effective strategy though! Either sending an actual birthday card to customers, employees and other and/or sending anniversary cards to celebrate ‘one year of being a customer’ or similar. Maybe your company itself is approaching an anniversary and this too can be a great opportunity to contact customers, have a celebration and present your latest offerings in a non-pushy, non-intrusive way.

Unexpected Thank You cards can also be appreciated by your customers. It might be thank you for your custom or you can be more inventive. Maybe use the opportunity to create some up sales? For example, ‘Thank you for buying our latest photocopier. To celebrate we would like to offer you a 50% discount on a set of toners for it.’

Special offer and / or Special events ecards provide another opportunity to communicate with your customers. If the ecards are regarding a pre-order offer or about a special event then you can use this method to secure sales. If you are holding an event this can minimize the risk associated with financing the event by raising some money in advance.

As an aside to the special events ecard suggestion, many events organizers will offer a commission to people who sell tickets for the events they are organizing. Another way of offsetting the cost of sending out a business ecard is sell tickets to an event organized by someone else and get paid commission for the sales. Although, this is an advanced technique it is easily achievable with a bit of support from the company organizing the event.

Whatever, business ecards you are sending out it is important to remember the desired outcome. Sometimes it will be increased sales, sometimes it will be building brand awareness and other times it will be just to let your customers know that you appreciate their custom. Whatever the reason sending business ecards can be an inexpensive and beneficial thing to do.

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October 6, 2014 Surprising Your Clients with Business Ecards