The 5 Highest Paid Jobs in Engineering

Selecting the industry sector that you want to work in is one of the most important decisions you can ever make, and it will impact upon your finances forever. When deciding upon a career, it’s important to find one that’s suited to your temperament and abilities, but also that provides a good salary and has excellent prospects for the future. Engineering certainly meets these final two criteria, and within this wide field, here are five sub sectors which can prove highly rewarding.

1. Petroleum Engineering

In our increasingly automated world, power is key and whilst we have to be aware of environmental factors it’s also true that we call upon more and more power around the globe every year. That’s why petroleum, despite dwindling stocks in some areas, is in increasing demand. Petroleum engineers ensure that supplies flow smoothly, and because the work involves long hours, and is often carried out in remote areas, this can be the most lucrative of all jobs in engineering.

2. Electrical Engineering

They used to say that money makes the world go round, but really it’s electricity and the myriad of items that it powers. That’s why the number of electrical engineers working across America is increasing year upon year. It’s an excellent field of engineering to develop a career in, as the work can be interesting and varied, and wages are good, especially for those who have worked in electrical engineering for a number of years.

3. Computer Engineering

Computers have transformed every aspect of our lives, from how we study to how we work and spend our leisure time, and as this rate of change grows exponentially, so will the need for qualified computer engineers. PCB experts are in particular demand, and leaders in this field such as Altium are helping engineers design and build highly effective printed circuit boards for a wide variety of purposes. They also produce easy to follow ‘How To’ videos that make it easier than ever to understand PCB engineering.

4. Aerospace Engineering

Few jobs can be more exciting or fulfilling than that of an aerospace engineer. You’ll know that you’re working at the cutting edge of science, helping us find out more about the universe and about ourselves. Governments across the world are turning once more to space exploration and experimentation, and that could mean significant growth in the salaries of aerospace engineers.

5. Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineers are employed in a wide range of business sectors, from retail and manufacturing to pharmaceuticals, and they play a key role in developing new products and testing existing ones. Biomedical engineering is one sub-area which has seen increasing demand, and you could help to bring new medicines to the market that transform the way we live.

As you can see, engineering is a very diverse field, but chemical engineers, aerospace engineers, electrical engineers, petroleum engineers and PCB engineers and designers can all bring lucrative salaries as well as a secure, long term career. Engineers are the men and women who are shaping the world of today, and designing the world of tomorrow.

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February 8, 2019 The 5 Highest Paid Jobs in Engineering