The Importance of Training

If you take care of your employees then they will take care of your customers and your business will take care of itself. The best way to take care of your employees is to provide them with opportunities to learn and grow and expand their skill set by organizing adequate trainings for them. Organization should constantly assess the employees and analyze their performance to understand their training needs; if the organizations do not have good in-house trainers they can always outsource the task to training institutes like Evanson Training in Dubai. But does it contributes towards the betterment of employees, let’s take a look below and find out how beneficial it is:

  1. Decreased supervision: when an employee is adequately trained then the need for supervision decreases, they know what and how a task needs to be taken care of and their decision making ability also increases.
  2. Cross-training: cross-training helps in increasing the talent pool in the company. It really helps when teams are understaffed or a certain post gets vacant due to some reason, as the staff can fill for the duties till the time correct person is hired.
  3. Reduced accidents and errors: the possibility of an error or an accident is very high when the employees is not well trained or is given additional responsibility without any proper training. Continuous training makes sure the employee is well skilled to take additional responsibility that may come their way. So, the chances of error reduce marginally if the employees are well-trained.
  4. Productivity increases: if the employees are well-trained and are up to date with the current technology their efficiency and productivity increases. Well-trained employees show quality performance, waste less time, money and resources.
  5. Team Spirit: Training and development increases the sense of team work, team spirit and inculcate the zeal to learn among employees.

We just read some of the benefits of training, but is there really a need for training and development of employees, go on and read below if organizations really need to spend such huge amount of money on trainings:

  1. Reduction in attrition rates: training and development of employees gives them a sense of job satisfaction and confidence which further helps in reducing the attrition rate and increases employee retention.
  2. Setting better standards: better training and development helps in increasing the standards of the organization and building a higher brand value as the employees are updated and work on the best industry practices.
  3. Planning ahead: if the employees are well trained and have a vast skill set, then moving forward and replacing employees or temporarily filling in for them becomes easier because of the cross-training provided to the employees.
  4. Operational efficiency increases: if the employees go through good training and development then their efficiency and productivity increases, which further makes it easier to project outcomes and meet organizational goals.

So now we have established that training and development of employees is not only beneficial for an organization, but there is also a need for it. Organizations can either opt for in-house training or can outsource the same to various training institutes offering Corporate/ Professional courses.



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May 30, 2017 The Importance of Training