The Most Common Grooming Mistakes

Regular dog grooming is the most important thing for any pet parent, it is not only important for maintaining you dog’s level of cleanliness or appearance but it is important for both health and overall appearance of the dog. When it comes to grooming your pet, every dog owner provides the best of the grooming supplies but in doing so they end up making mistakes. So, to keep your pets safe and well groomed let the professional groomers at various pet shops in Dubai give them the grooming they deserve. Let us have a look at some of the mistakes that most of the pet parents end up making.

  • Lack of Training

Pet owners often end up giving their pets bath and grooming sessions at home, it may be ok to an extent but one should know that they are not professionally trained for the job and might end up doing more harm than good to them. When it comes to grooming, the dog should always be approached in a calm, firm and patient manner.

  • Not grooming them completely

Dog owners often end up concentrating more on the back when giving them a bath and end up ignoring the important area like ears, face, neck and tails. This way your dog is clean after the bath session but not completely clean, as the important areas remain untouched and unclean.

  • Matted fur

The most common mistake that some of the pet owners with very furry dogs make is cleaning them with water without brushing off the extra, dead or tangled hair first, which further leads to tangled and matted fur.

  • Bad grooming habits

Most of the times pet owners end up teasing their dogs when giving them a bath, thus making it difficult for the dogs to stay calm and still during the grooming session, which increases the chances of injury for the dogs.

  • Delay in Introduction

Dog owners often end up introducing their dogs late to the cleaning and grooming sessions, which ends up making it hard to clean them in certain areas which are a bit sensitive as compared to the rest of the body.

  • Unintentional Allergic reactions

Dog owners buy best of the products for their pets but sometimes they might end up buying stuff which their dog might be allergic to and expensive products doesn’t mean that they will always suit your dog.

  • Shampoo in his eye

Dogs generally have a habit of shaking their head while bathing, this may lead to shampoo in their eye and cause them to sting and burn.

I am pretty sure we all have made one or the other mistakes listed above while grooming or bathing our dogs. So, don’t take matters in your hand, leave it to the professionals to do their job, always remember your dog cannot talk he can only show you his discomfort, which we most of the time miss or misread and end up harming them unintentionally. If you are confident and know the basics of grooming then go ahead with pampering your poochie but if you have slightest of the doubt then leave it to the professionals for giving your furry friend the pampering they deserve like the pet shop in jlt Dubai Panmpered Poochies which provides the best and amazing grooming services in Dubai at best price.


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June 19, 2017 The Most Common Grooming Mistakes