Online marketing is a set of methods and tools that are being used for promoting products as well as services through the internet. It includes a much wider element than the traditional business marketing. Online marketing or web marketing is also defined as the art of selling online. There are several types of online marketing. One is Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which is a paid marketing tool wherein the website owner pays a certain amount for his business name to be displayed on top of the list whenever a user enters one of the website’s keywords in the search engine. It also includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is a free tool. In SEO, your business website is tuned to be able to rank higher in every search listings whenever a user enters keywords or terms that match every product or service offers.

Blogging is a famous type of online marketing wherein a blogger converse with the readers and potential customers to keep them well-informed about each product. Mobile marketing is easy because it only includes sending text messages to reach clients and spread information about products and services.

Email marketing is having a subscriber email list of every potential client and keeping them up to date about events, sales and offers by sending out emails and newsletters.

Online advertising is the promotion of a business through the internet and is becoming in demand because millions of individuals worldwide are using the internet. With the increase of people’s needs worldwide, it is a must that every business should include online marketing.

Building a good online reputation and having good customer service is important because online shoppers usually check reviews before patronizing your products and services. Unsatisfied and unhappy clients are likely to leave online reviews therefore, reviews are vital to every business success.

Online marketing is an effective way of communicating with clients all around the globe. The internet being a global communications medium provides cost- effective ways to advertise. Millions of consumers use the internet 24/7 and it helps consumers in almost all aspects of our daily lives. It has a vast reach and can allow business owners reach a significant number of potential buyers than the traditional advertising media. The internet offers high impact opportunities for everyone because it is available for everyone. However, the downside of being present online is that anyone can easily reproduce or copy a business idea, product or service at a blink of an eye. Images, trademarks and logos can be used by others for their own advantage. Such can also be used to mock a company because it can easily be imitated electronically. Ad clutter is fast spreading and many web users are quite overwhelmed of such presence. Spam emails and banner ads now being ignored by users just as much as the traditional way of placing ads in other forms of media.

The availability of a wide range of websites wherein companies can place ads can be overwhelming. It is now becoming more and more difficult to break down the choices to which will attract the most number of customers. It is absolutely necessary to determine the type of advertisement which will provide the best response from the target market.


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