What is the philosophy “Mobile first”?

Do you know? The traffic of web is transferring from desktop to smart phones very quickly. The mobile phones are the future, so it is necessary that start design process of any website or app by designing for mobile first.

When you are designing for mobile you must adjust the layout, color and graphic according to the smart phone. It is clear understanding that how your website will perceive and use in a mobile.

What things are learned by Big Brands from Mobile Games Marketers?

The marketers always want their brand and products advertise and they want update to the people for their new product quickly. In that case, they use internet and software which transfer their update via SMS.

The mobile phones are also using for gaming, so for this gaming industries lead in creativity and innovation in digital marketing. It is necessary for game industry, when they design or create a game it must be for mobiles also. Now, what actually is important? That is to understand the things people need to learn from the Games market. They are very important things usually people neglect and don’t pay attention to. So, here are them in order to let you know about the important things to consider about mobile games market. You ought not to neglect them at any cost, have a look:

Focus on ROI Rather Than Long-term Budget Planning

Mobile games companies are Very much nible when it comes to invest in a Market. They do not fluctuate to dramatically increase spending when the opportunities are in front of their eyes that will produce the major spikes in ROI. Simply put: when they see the ROI, Taking the Quick reactions and doing Investment Rapidly can help them getting a Greater market Share – and, important thing is the, players who pay them.

The Marketers of Mobile can do this as they are having to make budgets quickly and the tools to gauge the thing that is working and that is not working. Because every of the transaction is traceable in real-time, the brands of mobile games can jump on the campaigns or projects they notice that are working fine. They are not willing to spend big and quickly when tracked ROI is on the peak.

You can notice here that the marketers of the games and the mobiles are pretty much different from the traditional marketers. Now, you might be thinking that how actually they are different? So, here is the point to clear that all, that is; it is known that the brands decide their monthly budget. You can notice that if they do investment in mobile marketing they will get track-able with the ROI. In this way they don’t have any need to make plans for the budget, weekly, monthly or even yearly. It is advised the people need to focus on ROI instead of making plans for budget. That will be automated and they will get rid of making the budget.

Embrace the ‘Philosophy of Mobile’:
Companies of Mobile gaming were the early pioneers for Platforms of Monetizing mobiles. This was accordingly because of the complicated purchasing process which app stores provide via in-app purchases.

Users can Buy quickly after entering there password or click a purchase button to conduct a transaction; there are no third party logins to remember or credit cards to enter. These companies of ‘mobile-first’ games are at one with the mobile ecosystem.

Everything is tailored for mobiles and the user interface is made according to the usage on the mobiles. In this way companies can help the users to get a quicker and richer and more satisfactory experience. It is clear as a bell that if the customers are happy then you can earn anything, the top priority is to make the customers happy and satisfied and you can do it with LeoVegas Group.

There are many examples out there in the market of the mobile-first apps, the companies are using it and getting more response as expected. This is helping people to make it easy to download and install everything they need; moreover, the advertising campaign is made pretty much easy. What is the main lesson to learn here? It is that mobile-first made the transactions for the users very easy and simple only by an app. What this app does? It made the brand of the company visible and made it feel that the company whose app is this, is mobile-first and people surely will get happy by this change.

You need to make the website of the company responsive for the mobile as you made it for the PC. But, what is easy rather than making the website responsive? Yeah, it is mobile-first thing, making an app or game. You can get more details here, LeoVegas Group.

You need to build a great app with simple and easy to understand interface, you need to make it a priority to assimilate the app with android play and apple play because of the fact that people use it more. It will eventually reduce the hassle people are facing due to difficult and hard to understand apps.


Everything is Track able with the Beauty of Mobile. With the True analytics, real-time understanding of campaigns can be obtained by Marketers and the interactions of users. After going live on app Extensive conduction takes place, with the delivering iterative updates of developer or activating the cohort analyses tests on some of sample groups of conclusion of the users and players.

To summarize, you should be bold and focus on objectives of long term work such as using your ROI to generate a dominant market share. Brands have to ‘think’ mobile and build adhesive, rewarding and compelling apps which feel and look mobile-firstly.

The companies of games that have invested largely into understanding the targets more easily audiences in minute detail have been largely successful. Things are learned by them with the true tools, a scientific resemble and smart thinking of mind, their market of the mobile campaign dominance that helps them to generate the way for their next Occasion.

Many things can be learned by Brands from the companies of games as they become more experienced with their marketing of Omni-channel. Ultimately, brands gain the advantage of long-term loyalty of brand by using the mobile-first tech for their business.

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January 13, 2017 What is the philosophy “Mobile first”?