Your Place in the Sun: Tips for Retiring Right in Florida

As Americans approach retirement age, many of them begin thinking about making a move to a place that provides plenty of sunshine, fresh air, and white sandy beaches. Perhaps you are pondering such a retirement move yourself. In the interest of helping you find your very own place in the sun, we are pleased to present these savvy tips for retiring right in Florida.

What’s so wonderful about Florida?

Besides the almost-always sunny climate, sugary white beaches and all sorts of activities for seniors? Plenty. If you move to Florida, chances are good that you will never have to shovel snow ever, ever again. Plus, when you live in a brilliant beach community, your friends and family may tend to visit more often.

A great place to retire

Miami and Orlando are not the only cities in The Sunshine State that are attractive to retirees. Bradenton, for example, offers plenty of appeal to persons who are happily removed from the day-to-day workforce. Beautifully located in Manatee County on Florida’s gulf coast, Bradenton is becoming more popular with retirees than ever before.

Is buying a home after retirement a good investment?

It all depends. A mortgage can be a burden on a young, healthy worker. Taking care of a house is plenty of hard work. That said, if you have the wherewithal to make mortgage payments and the energy to address inevitable maintenance and repair issues, buying a new home after the age of 60 can work out wonderfully.

Investment experts at The Motley Fool explain that a person who has enough certain future income to afford mortgage payments for the duration of the loan may do well for themselves by purchasing a home in Florida or another dream retirement destination. The same experts also note that for obvious reasons, it may be wiser for a person of retirement age to obtain a 15-year mortgage in lieu of a 30-year loan.

Aging in place

As you are shopping for a retirement home, be sure to consider things like accessibility when you’re older. If you plan to age in place, you may wish to look at houses or condos with the master bedroom on the first floor. Remember, a staircase that’s easy to ascend when you are 60 may not be a lot of fun when you are 80. If you have taken this article to heart and would like to learn more about ranch style, one-story homes in Florida, ask a real estate expert about Lakewood ranch homes.

If you can afford it, retirement is the ideal time to move into the house of your dreams. Now that the kids are grown, you won’t need as many bedrooms, and may be able to afford the backyard swimming pool you’ve always wanted.

No matter you wind up spending your golden years, retirement should be one of the most fun times of your entire life. With a bit of planning ahead, it certainly can be.

Jamie Fowler has worked with numerous couples looking to retire to Florida in his job as a real estate agent. Now working in property investment, he still enjoys sharing his knowledge with those looking to buy, or sell property.




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August 24, 2016 Your Place in the Sun: Tips for Retiring Right in Florida