How to get life insurance with a pre-existing condition

There exists a common misconception that you have to be in perfect health condition to get life insurance coverage. Of course, such conditions as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and heart disease raise red flags about the state of your body. But that doesn’t mean you don’t stand a chance.

Life insurance companies have a rating mechanism that enables them to cover some high-risk clients. But if you have a pre-existing condition and don’t want to endure the hassle of answering medical questions, you can go for non-medically underwritten life insurance. Scroll down to find out what it entails.

What is non-medically underwritten life insurance?

As the name implies, an insurer doesn’t ask for a medical report when issuing a non-medically underwritten life insurance policy. The underwriter neither asks any medical questions nor requests that you undergo a physical examination.

Non-medically underwritten life insurance is a godsend for anyone with serious health issues and, therefore, likely to get disqualified if they go the traditional way. Nonetheless, those who are in good health are also allowed to apply for this policy.

In essence, this policy is relatively expensive for applicants with pre-existing conditions because the insurer hasn’t verified the severity of the risk entirely. Another thing to note is that non-medically underwritten life insurance is only available to applicants between the ages of 50 and 80.

What are the benefits of non-medically underwritten coverage?

As we mentioned earlier, non-medically underwritten life insurance is an excellent cover for moderate or severe health problems. Its underwriting requirements are very accommodative and hassle-free. This is perhaps the reason even healthy individuals who wish to obtain coverage quickly are now preferring to go this route!

Here are some of the benefits gained from non-medically underwritten coverage:

  • Stress-free underwriting process
  • Afraid of blood works and needles? No worries!
  • Accommodates those who were previously denied coverage
  • No one-on-one interaction required
  • Get coverage within days of making your application

Applying for non-medically underwritten insurance

As opposed to most life insurance plans, you won’t need to disclose any information at all when applying for a non-medically underwritten life insurance. The underwriters won’t ask you any questions about your personal health status, family medical history, drinking habits, lifestyle, etc.

In essence, the initial phone interview is the main requirement for the application to go through. The interview aims to walk you through your financial standing and establish if you qualify for a non-medically underwritten policy.

If you pass the phone interview and become eligible for coverage, you’ll get a policy offer forthwith. You’ll be expected to sign the policy papers and make payments for your first premium without any extra steps.

As you might have guessed already, non-medically underwritten policies usually cost more than the normal life insurance products. That’s because the absence of a medical exam means that the insurer carries more risks since your health status is unknown.

Are there any exclusions in the non-medically underwritten life policies?

You bet there are! Finding coverage for a pre-existing condition is one thing, but claiming due to the occurrence of risk is a different matter altogether. Here are some of the exclusions made when making a claim:

Careless behavior

If an injury or death occurs due to such reckless activities as over speeding or disregarding a safety warning sign, the policy doesn’t give any payout.

Suicide or self-inflicted injuries

Like all other forms of life insurance options, non-medically underwritten policies do not pay claims for deaths resulting from suicide or intentional injuries.

Involvement in a criminal activity

If a policyholder gets injured or passes away as a result of taking part in illegal activities, the policy won’t honor the claim.

Should you get non-medically underwritten life insurance?

If we are honest and if all factors are held constant, the traditional insurance where you may undergo medical exams is a much better option than its non-medically underwritten counterpart. But here’s a scenario where your pre-existing condition puts you at risk of being denied coverage if you take the traditional approach.

Don’t wait until you’re bed-ridden with chronic illnesses like high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, or breast cancer to start seeking help. Get life insurance today and protect your family’s future in case the unforeseen strikes.

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September 8, 2020 How to get life insurance with a pre-existing condition