Great Financial Apps for Your iPhone or Android Phone

After winning some online casino real money, then you will definitely be in need of a financial app. You may not have to worry about the apps being able to work with your online casino winnings from sites such as casino australia. They might be able to do this and several other things, but they really need to know how to handle all of that money that will be floating into your account.


You can use the mobile version of this application if you wish; however, many people prefer using it on their computers. This is one of the few apps that offer an offline mode as well. The free version works quite well and does everything you would expect from accounting software. To receive additional features such as reporting, expense tracking, and transaction history, there is also a paid option that can be purchased by going through your iTunes/Android App Store.

Santander’s TotalMoney App

This is another free option that has been designed for users who are looking for something similar to Mint. It works just like Mint, so you can get started right away. There is no limit when it comes to transactions, which makes it perfect for those who want to keep track of every penny. All you have to do is download the app from the Google Play store. If you have an Apple device, it should be available in the App Store by now.

The Buxfer Apps

This is actually made up of two applications: Buxfer Wallet and Buxfer Card. Both of these apps provide services that others don’t offer. For example, the Buxfer wallet can help you make payments on behalf of someone else and the Buxfer card lets you pay with your phone. So before signing up for anything make sure that you look into both of them.

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April 30, 2022 Great Financial Apps for Your iPhone or Android Phone